One Direction Preferences

Preferences I wrote about One Direction, before Zayn left the band. Also up on my wattpad account and I will be posting them on Quotev and


11. You're Sick

~Liam: You had been sick for two days with the flu and had missed school but you still hadn’t told your boyfriend Liam because you didn’t want him to worry about you. Your best friend came over to give you your homework from that day. “You really should tell Liam you know he’ll be angry when he finds out.” “But he won’t Y/BF/N” you whispered. “Fine, fine I know.” After your friend had left you got a call from Liam but decided not to answer it because you didn’t want him to find out you were sick so instead you just slept. When you woke up you saw a bowl of soup sitting by your bed and you sat up but groaned while doing so. Liam rushed in. “Woah woah Y/N lay back down I’ve got you.” He cooed. “What are you doing here?” you croaked out. “Well when you didn’t answer I got worried so I called Y/BF/N and she told me you were sick so I came straight over to take care of you.” “Ugh I knew she wouldn’t be able to keep her big mouth shut” “Hey don’t blame her I’m happy she told me unlike someone else I know.” He laughed as he poked your nose. “Ha I love you.” “I love you too Y/N but go back to sleep then when you wake up we can watch movies.” You chuckled softly before going back to sleep.
Harry: You woke up to the snoring of your boyfriend beside you and realized that you had to work today. When you stood up you stumbled a bit and had to stand there to get your vision to be straight again. You tried swallowing when you felt your throat tighten up and it started to hurt. You groaned because you knew that today wasn’t the day to be sick since you had a long day ahead of you. You went to the bathroom to go get cleaned up when you heard shuffling coming from your bedroom. You turned around to face Harry walking towards you with a broad smile on his face. “Morning Y/N. Aw are you cold honey? Your nose is really red.” he asked. “No I’m good.” You whispered barely audible for even your ears. “You ok? You don’t sound too hot.” He said as he put a hand up to your forehead. “Wow you’re burning up you need to go get back in bed.” “No I have to go to work Harry.” You said as you turned around to go get your clothes. “No Y/N you aren’t going to work. Nice try though cutie.” He grabbed you around the waist and carried you bridal style towards the bed. “It’s ok I’ll take care of you. I’m going to get you a warm tea.” And with that he walked out of the room to go and get you what you needed. You were so lucky.
Louis: You were supposed to meet Louis to go out to dinner with him and his family but you had been sick all day so you were thinking about canceling until you got a text message from Louis saying, ‘I can’t wait for tonight! I’m so excited that I get to show you off to my whole family! I can’t even believe it! xoxo’ After the text the thought of canceling on him broke your heart so you decided to suck it up and just go and have the best time you could with a cold. You had put loads of makeup on so that when Louis got there he wouldn’t worry about you being sick but you were wrong. As soon as Louis walked in the door and hugged you he knew that something was up. “What’s going on?” “What are you talking about Louis? Are you ready to go? I’m real excited.” You said with a fake smile. “Yea no I don’t think I am and I won’t be ready until you tell me what’s going on. Y/N I know when you aren’t yourself and right now is one of those instances are you ok?” By the look on his face you knew you just couldn’t keep it from him anymore. “I’ve just had a slight cold is all don’t worry about it are you ready now?” “Oh now we aren’t leaving! You have a cold and you are going to march up to that bed get in it and we are going to stay in this house until you get better!” “But Louis we have to me-” Before you could even finish you sentence he was cutting you off. “No Y/N I want to take care of you when you’re sick so get upstairs.” “Well then!” you teased as you went upstairs and snuggled in bed with Louis right next to you.
Zayn: You had been out shopping with Zayn all day when you had started to feel really sneezy and your eyes and throat were itchy all at once. “How about this dress Y/N it would look great for the party.” “Yea sure get whatever you think is goo-” but before you could even finish you started to have a coughing attack in the middle of the store. Zayn rushed over to you and started to rub your back comfortingly. When your coughing finally died down, he left and walked back over to you with a glass of water in hand. “You ok?” “Yea I’m good I think my allergies are just acting up. Anyway, what were you saying about the dress?” “No forget about the dress we can come back another day and look but for now let’s go home because I don’t want your allergies getting worse. And if you have your allergies then it won’t be as fun to shop because then all you will want to do is go home.” Zayn took your hand and led you out of the small store and back to the car. Once inside the car you smiled and turned to Zayn, “Thank you.” “Ha, no need to thank me I just don’t want my Y/N getting sick.”
Niall: After having a long day at school you decide to head home and sleep before meeting up with Niall for your dinner date. When you arrive at your house your throat is burning, you are freezing and you have a runny nose so you go to get a cool glass of water, some tissues, and a blanket before you head for your nap. You lay on the couch thinking that you’ll be able wake up in time for you to still get ready and meet Niall while feeling better but when you do wake up you look out the window and it’s already dark outside and the clock says 8:00pm when you were supposed to meet Niall at 6:00. When you get up you realize none of your symptoms are gone and you go to call Niall until you hear humming in the kitchen and when you sneak in you see Niall at the stove with two pots full of soup and boiling water. He hears you sniffle and turns around to greet you. “Hey princess what are you doing up! I was just making some soup and tea for when you wake up and I guess now is the perfect time.” “Niall I’m so sorry that I didn’t meet you I just planned on sleeping for a little while but it ended up being a longer time and I’m really sorry.” When you were done with your rant he kissed you on the nose. “Hey you’re alright, ok? I’m actually happier that you stayed asleep because then you’ll get better sooner so go sit down and I’ll bring your stuff ok?” You giggled while walking away. “I love you Niall.” “Love you too Y/N!”

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