One Direction Preferences

Preferences I wrote about One Direction, before Zayn left the band. Also up on my wattpad account and I will be posting them on Quotev and


37. You're Pregnant And He Leaves Part 1

"No! I didn't sign up for this!" He yelled as he walked to the door. "Please! I can't do this on my own!" You yelled following behind him. "This is your child you're leaving!" Tears ran down your face.
You thought he'd be happy to know that he was going to be a dad. Instead you told him and he flipped out on you! You sat down on the steps and cried. This can't be happening! You're all all alone and pregnent! You can't go home. Your mom made it clear that she wants nothing to do with you. You fell asleep on the steps that night hoping Louis would come back.
"Please Y/N, you have to understand! I'm at the peak of my career! I can't let a baby get in the way!" Harry said, trying to keep you from crying.
"But we wanted to start a family together." You said, voice trembling. Harry sighed and walked to the door witha small sorry. Everything was dead silent. You were all alone. You looked down at your small baby bump and protectively wrapped your shaking arms around it. "I'm so sorry abby." You whisper through your tears.
"I can't take care of a baby! I can barely take care of myself!" He was freaking out.
"Niall, we'll do this together! As a family. You don't have to do this on your own." you say trying to convince him.
He continued to pace around the living room while you sat nervously on th sofa. You didn't even tell him you were pregnant. The doctor called to tell you the test results and Niall answered.
He suddenly stopped. Your heart was pounding in your ears. He quickly walked out the door without another word or glance your way. He just left. He didn't want his own baby! He wouldn't have been alone!
"I don't want kids!" He yelled, stopping you from talking any more. "What?" You breathed out. "I said i don't want kids." He said more calmly.
You were so excited that you and Liam were having twins and you thought he'd be happy too. "I'm not getting rid of my babies, Liam." You looked down at your belly. "Well then I hope you three have a nice life." He said before walking out the door.
You stood there shocked. You didn't know what to do.
"That's great!" Zayn yelled. You were so happy that he was happy! But there was a look of guilt in his eyes. "I'm going to go get something to celebrate with!" He kissed your forehead and ran out the door.
You sat in the living room and waited for him. It had been two hours when you started to worry. You tired calling him three times but, he never answered. After waiting four hours for him to return you realized that he left you. He just up and left you and your baby.

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