One Direction Preferences

Preferences I wrote about One Direction, before Zayn left the band. Also up on my wattpad account and I will be posting them on Quotev and


28. You Give Him The Silent Treatment

He's not really sure what he did wrong. He was just talking to the boys and when you walked in the room you refused to talk to him or anybody really. You just sat there reading a book and texting someone. After the boys left he tried again to talk to you.
"Please baby, tell me why you're not talking." He was kind of scared.
It's been three hours. It's the longest you've gone without talking. You just kept reading. He sat there next to you with a sad look on his face. You got thirsty and went to the kitchen, setting your book and phone down. Your phone started vibrating and Louis couldn't help himself. He quickly grabbed your phone and read through your messages with your friend.
He said my voice was annoying and I should stop talking :(
That's horrible! >.<
I haven't talked in a while... He looks sad.
Well good! He was mean!
Louis heard you coming back so he put the phone back and sat back. He doesn't remember saying any of that. He thought about his and the boys' conversation. Then it came to him. They were talking about the interviewer from yesterday! And you thought he was talking about you! He couldn't help but laugh. He knew how to fix this. He sat next to you and brought you into a hug.
"Do you agree with me and the boys that the interviewer yesterday had an annoying voice?" He asked.
You looked at him and see him smiling. You now knew where he was going with this. It wasn't you he was talking about.
"Yeah." You replied smiling.
You sat in the living room studying for you test. You hadn't talked to Harry in almost three hours. He was sitting next to you thinking of a plan to get you to talk to him. Earlier in the day you were telling him a story and he had told you to talk faster. You thought you had sped up but, you were wrong. That's when he blew up.
"Can you talk any slower! You're going to spend all day trying to tell me this stupid story with how slow you talk!"
He walked away from you and you didn't see him for an hour. Since he thought you talked slow you just wouldn't talk at all. He had come down and said sorry but, you weren't doing it to make him feel bad or anything. You really didn't want to talk if it bothered people that bad. He had already tried a few times to get you to say something or even make a sound. First, he tried asking you what you wanted for dinner. He frowned when all he got was silence. Then, he tried kissing and sucking at your neck, trying to get even a small sound out of you. But the only thing that came from that was a very large hickey on your neck and his ego slightly bruised. A few minutes later he tried again.
"I shouldn't have said what I did. You have every right to be mad. Huh, I mean look how slow I talk."
He wasn't expecting a reply, and was shocked when he finally got one.
"I wasn't mad." You say.
He sighs with relief and hugs you.
He didn't know what he did wrong and it was making him crazy! He had tried everything to get you to talk to him but you wouldn't. You hadn't made a sound all day! He needed to hear your voice!
"Babe, what did I do?" He was desperate for an answer.
And when he didn't get one, he felt tears prick at his eyes. He was hugging you and had his face buried in your shoulder. When you heard a sound that sounded like sniffling you panicked. You pulled away from the hug and looked at him. He was indeed crying.
"Li, what's wrong?" You asked panicked.
"Why aren't you talking?" He asked.
"Liam I told you about the bet Louis and I made. I can't talk for a whole day. If I lose I have to be his servant for a whole month." You said smiling.
"You scared me so bad." He said, hugging you again.
You two had gotten in a pretty bad fight. It resulted in you not talking to him. And it was fine with him because he didn't talk either. It had been three weeks since the fight and you two still weren't talking. Zayn was surprisingly okay. He knew that he'd go insane not hearing your voice for this long. You talk in your sleep and say how your day went and what's on your mind. It made him feel better knowing that he was still able to know how you were. So Zayn uses this is to his advantage to hear your voice before he falls asleep.
Niall always picks on you about how you say certain words. One day you snapped and told him if he didn't stop you'd never talk to him again. He didn't believe you.
"That's it! I'm done!" You screamed at him.
Once again, he didn't believe you. He kept talking to you but, you never replied back. After four weeks of this, Niall missed your voice so much. He laid next to you in bed. His chest was to your back and his arm wrapped around you.
"Please Princess. I need to your voice. I'm sorry for picking on you. I won't do it anymore."
He waited for a response. A tear slipped down his cheek and landed on your shoulder.
"Please." He whispered.
You turned around in his arms to face him. You kissed his nose and whispered back
"I love you."

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