One Direction Preferences

Preferences I wrote about One Direction, before Zayn left the band. Also up on my wattpad account and I will be posting them on Quotev and


45. You Fight With His Ex And He Takes Her Side Part 2

~His P.O.V.
I looked over and saw Y/N talking to the bartender. I smiled, she looked like she was having fun here. She usually doesn't like coming to pubs with me. I turned my attention back to Holly.
"She just doesn't fit in here. She's not from Ireland so she needs to go back to where she came from." Holly said.
I was confused. "Wait, who are you talking about?" I asked.
"Y/N..." She said slowly.
"Y/N's here with me. I want to see where I came from. Don't be so mean." I raised my voice.
Y/N looked over this way. When she saw the look on my face she came over and put a hand on my arm.
"I think it's time to go." Y'N said.
We walked out to the car. "Y/N I'm sorry for how I acted in there. If you want to learn about Derby I'd be more than happy to teach you everything I know about it." I said stuffing my hands in my front pockets.
She just smiled and got in the car. Is she mad or...?
Y/N was walking with her arms crossed over her stomach like she was trying to cave in on herself. I didn't understand why. She's usually so confident. I put an arm around her waist and leaned in to her.
"What's wrong babe?" I whispered in her ear.
"Nothing, just. Not feeling well I guess." She wouldn't even look at me.
I frowned. I felt hurt that she wouldn't look me in the eye when she talked to me. She usually makes direct eye contact with anybody she's talking to.
"Well you look stunning tonight if that helps any." I said smiling. She truly does look stunning tonight. I'm incredibly lucky.
She huffed and rolled her eyes. "That's not what you said half an hour ago." She mumbled just loud enough for me to hear.
My eyes widened. I thought back to what I had said earlier. All that came to mind was when Eleanor was talking to us... Oh shit!
"Babe, I'm so sorry. I didn't even realize what I had said! Don't listen to anything I said earlier. You truly do look stunning tonight. I'm lucky no one's trying to steal you away from me!"
She looked up at me and gave me a shy smile. She wrapped her arms around me and snuggled into my side as we continued to walk and talk to people.
Y/N and I were at home now. I had just taken a shower and after getting dressed I saw Y/N curled up in a ball on the sofa watching Finding Nemo. I frowned.
"Baby, I thought we were going to watch this together?" I asked.
"Sorry, I thought you'd want to go do something sporty with all your sporty friends." She said not looking away from the movie.
"What on earth are you talking about? I love watching movies with you." I sat down next to her and paused the movie.
"Well you like doing sporty stuff and I'm not sporty so..." She said shrugging.
"Is this about earlier?" I asked quietly.
She didn't say anything. I sighed and wrapped her in my arms.
"I like doing 'sporty things' but, I like cuddling on the sofa with my favorite girl watching movies." I said kissing the side of her head.
She snuggled up in my arms and pressed play.
Y/N had ran into more things than I could count on our way home. She didn't get any glasses while we were out and I couldn't figure out why. I opened the front door for her and just as she was about to walk in, she walked into the side of the house. I pulled her into the house before she hurt herself anymore.
"Y/N if you can't see then why didn't you get any glasses?" I asked.
"Because I don't want to look bad." She said looking down.
"What do you mean? You look adorable in glasses." I was surprised she'd even think that!
"But you said they didn't look good on me." She looked up at me.
I sighed. "I did, didn't I?" She nodded.
I grabbed my keys. "Well for now on if I say anything as crazy as that then slap me as hard as you can." I kissed forehead and helped her back into the car.
Y/N and I had been walking for awhile. I knew she liked piggy back rides so I thought I'd ask her if she wanted one.
"Hey kitten, do you want a piggy back ride? I haven't given you one in a while." I asked.
She rolled her eyes and folded her arms over her chest.
"Why so I slow us down by falling?" She asked.
"What? No, I just know how much you like them." I said.
She didn't say anything, just kept walking. Unfortunately, she tripped over a crack in the ground and fell. I quickly went and helped her up. She huffed and dusted herself off.
"If you're upset about what I said earlier then I'm sorry. I really have no room to talk. I trip a lot too." I said.
"It's not that you said that. It's that you agreed with her." She said.
"I'm sorry. Next time I'll defend you." I said.
She just walked behind me and jumped on my back. I held onto her legs before she fell. She kissed my cheek and sighed.

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