One Direction Preferences

Preferences I wrote about One Direction, before Zayn left the band. Also up on my wattpad account and I will be posting them on Quotev and


44. You Fight With His Ex And He Takes Her Side Part 1

Niall had taken you to Ireland for a vacation. You absolutely loved it here! Unfortunately his ex-girlfriend, Holly, had heard he was back and wanted to catch up. We were all sitting in a booth at a pub they used to go to. Holly kept flirting with him! Ugh! Could she make it more obvious!?
"So I saw that your derby racer won last week." Holly said, twirling her hair.
Niall smiled real big. "Yeah, he did great!"
Well, that's something new. "I didn't know you liked derby, Niall." You said curiously.
"Yeah, I love the derby!" He said smiling.
"Why don't you leave this conversation to us. You obviously don't know what we're talking about." Holly said with an attitude.
"Well I want to learn about it. So I'll talk with you guys." You said.
"No, she's right Y/N, you don't really know anything about the derby." Niall said.
Your mouth fell open in shock. That did not just happen.
You and Louis were attending a red carpet event together. For some unknown reason his ex-girlfriend, Eleanor, was there. And wearing the same dress as you! She came up and hugged him. When she pulled away she looked you up and down and grimaced.
"Y/N, you look..." She said trailing off.
Louis put his arm around your waist and looked around at all the people. Eleanor wouldn't stop staring at you.
"I'm sorry, but is there something wrong?" You asked nicely.
"Hun, everything is wrong. You really shouldn't wear a dress that's too small and makes you look like you're carrying a baby." She said with disgust in her voice.
"Your mouth fell open. "This dress fits me perfectly fine, thank you!" You said.
"Actually, she's kind of right., babe." Louis said shrugging.
Eleanor smirked at you. You felt your eyes burn with tears as you wrapped your arms around your belly.
You, Liam, and the boys all went to the park to play soccer. While they played you sat under a tree and cheered Liam's team on. All of a sudden you saw a tall, skinny girl run up to Liam and hug him. You looked a little closer and saw that his ex-girlfriend, Danielle, was wrapped in your boyfriend's arms.
"Would you like to join in?" He asked her.
"Sure! It doesn't look like Y/N's very sporty." She said looking at you.
"I'm sporty! I'm just kind of tired today." You defended yourself.
"Actually baby, you really aren't very sporty at all." Liam said and turned back to Danielle.
You sighed and looked down.
You were looking at new glasses since yours broke and you didn't want contacts. Zayn was somewhere else in the store. Probably looking at music. You took a pair and put them on, looking in the mirror.
"Y/N?" You turned around and saw Perrie, Zayn's ex-girlfriend.
"Hi Perrie." You said shyly.
"what are you doing with those on?" She said slowly.
"I'm looking at glasses. Mine broke." You explained.
"You really shouldn't wear glasses." She said with a look of disgust.
"I don't look that bad." You said.
"She's right boo. You shouldn't." Zayn said from beside you.
"You said you loved me in glasses." You said quietly.
You and Harry were walking around a little park together. You two thought it was a nice day to take a walk. As you were walking you tripped over your foot and you heard a laugh. You looked up and saw Taylor, Harry's ex-girlfriend, laughing at you.
"Wow, I didn't know Harry was into clumsy girls now." She said smirking.
You stood up and dusted your pants off. "I'm not that clumsy." You said defensively.
"Actually kitten, you are. You fall a lot." Harry said guiltily.
You frowned and looked down as you two kept walking.

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