One Direction Preferences

Preferences I wrote about One Direction, before Zayn left the band. Also up on my wattpad account and I will be posting them on Quotev and


35. You Catch Him Cheating Part 1

You had just gotten back from a three month trip for school. It was fun and all but, you really missed you boyfriend of three years, Liam Payne. You two had been thinking about moving in together once you got back.
You walked to this little coffee shop down the street from your apartment when a magazine caught your eyes. You picked it up and saw that it was just another rumor about Liam cheating on you with his ex, Sophie or Sophia, whatever her name was. (I have no hate against her at all. It's just for this preference!)
You sighed and put it down. You had texted Liam 30 minutes ago telling him to meet you at the little park downtown. He never responded but, you headed there anyway. You just really loved that park. It held so many memories for you.
When you got there you sat down on one of the swings and just sat there thinking about all the memories from here. Your first date, first kiss. All with Liam. Also the place where he asked you to be his. You smiled and looked up. Your smiled quickly faded away at the sight you saw.
Liam was kissing Sophia, more like sucking her face off! Your heart stopped. You didn't know what to do. You felt so sick! You opened your mouth to get their attention but, the only thing that came out was puke. You had puked infront of your, cheating, boyfriend and his, who you thought was, his ex girlfriend!
They both turned and looked at you. Liam looked so guitly it made you feel even more sick. Sohpia looked shocked. You got up and quickly ran away. You ran to your apartment and shut and locked the door. That's when it really hit you. He cheated. He really cheated after everything he ever said about treating you right and loving you to the fullest. About you stealing his heart and how he didn't want it back.
There was a knock on your door. You slowly got up, unlocked it, and opened it to see Liam. You didn't know what to do.
"Please Y/N, let me explain." He said rushed. You stayed silent so he knew to continue.
"You were away for three months. I got lonely and she was there. I never meant to hurt you, ever!" He said quickly.
You just smiled up at him sadly. "I know. Three months is a long time to be away from someone. I understand. It's okay, I'm not mad." You said quietly.
This made him look even more guilty. "Why aren't you mad? Why aren't you yelling at me?"
"I told you. I understand. Just please, do one thing for me. Don't try to ever talk to me again." You said with a sad smile and closed the door on your happiness.
You were just numb. You've been sitting here on the couch you used to love, listening to Harry try to explain himself for the last ten minutes. 20 minutes ago you had caught him in bed with a girl you had never seen before. You couldn't even hear what he was saying, your mind was so numb and empty. You felt dead. Like you were on autopilot.
"I'm really sorry Y/N. I don't know what I was thinking!" He was saying desprately.
You looked up at him for the first time since you caught them. His breath caught in his throat. He must've saw the dead, empty look on your face. In your eyes.
"Don't apologise for something you don't regret." You said quietly before getting up and walking out of the apartment you shared.
You had nothing to say to him. It was his choice. You got to your car and drove for three hours before you pulled over to the side of the road. You sat there before you felt a heavy wave of emotion hit you hard. You put your head down on the stearing wheel and cried. You just couldn't stop. You just let your happiness go. You felt as if the past four years had been wasted.
"I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!" You screamed at him, hitting his chest as hard as you could.
You had trusted him! All that trust went down the drain when you caught him with Eleanor Calder, his ex, (Again, no hate against her! It's just for this!) almost having sex in the bed you two have shared for the past five years together! You didn't know what to feel other than anger, pure livid anger!
"LISTEN TO ME GOD DAMN IT! JUST STOP FOR FIVE FUCKING MINUTES!' He said grabbing your arms to stop you from hitting him anymore.
You were both breathing heavy. You didn't know what else to say to him other than you hate him. You were shaking with anger and hatedred at them both. Poor Eleanor didn't get out of your way fast enough and ended up leaving with a bloody, and possibly broken, nose.
"Are you calm yet?" He asked, letting go of your arms.
As soon as your arms were free you started hitting him again saying nothing but "I HATE YOU!" He grabbed you and pulled you against his chest, trying to keep you from hitting him more.
"I'm sorry. So sorry." He whispered against your hair.
"Me too." You whispered and pulled away, walking out the door.
You stood there infront of them as they pulled apart. You waited patiently for Zayn to fix his pants and for Perrie to put her shirt back on. (I feel the need to tell you again that I have no hate for her. I love Zerrie!!!) You had walked in on them just before things went too far.
"How long?" You asked knowing they knew what you meant.
Zayn looked down before answering. "12 months." He whispered.
You drew in a breath and let it out looking down. "Well, if you couldn't really tell, it's over." You said quietly.
He just nodded and looked down. You went upstairs and packed what clothes you had here. You had always kept some here with how much you were here.
"I'll drop off your stuff tomorrow." you said on your way out the door.
You drove to your house and packed his things away in a box. Everything you put in the box had your tears on it. You couldn't stop the crying. You had never been a very emotional person but, he always made you feel more.
You were on a plane back home. You had come back to Ireland after visiting your family and found your fiancee with some girl. It broke your heart. You didn't even stay long enough for them to understand that they got caught.
"Mom, I know. Yes, I understand you told me this would happen. I'm sorry too. Thanks." You had called your mom to see if you could stay with her until you found a job and your own place. Of course she said yes. But you also got the 'I told you so' speech.
You sighed and leaned your head back. You looked at your phone and saw a picture of you and Niall on your first date. You rolled your eyes and put your phone down. A few minutes later you picked it back up and texted Niall.
'It's over.' A tear slid down your face when you pressed the send button. He was your happiness. You had moved to Ireland when he asked you to. You had says yes to marrying him! But it's over now.

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