One Direction Preferences

Preferences I wrote about One Direction, before Zayn left the band. Also up on my wattpad account and I will be posting them on Quotev and


4. You Bring Home The Baby

~Zayn- "Ok so umm lets get you out baby girl. Daddy's got ya. Come on sweetheart." Zayn cooed as he lifted the baby gently from your car. He smiled softly and made soft shhing sounds against her ear. She smiled toothlessly in her sleepy state and rested her head on his shoulder. Your boyfriend crept up to the front door and motioned for you to unlock the door. He pushed it open and made his way upstairs, with you by his side and your daughter in his arms. He laid her softly in her bed and placed a soft kiss on her head before flicking the switch on the night light. He placed his arms around you and looked into your eyes.
"We did it Y/N. We did it." He whispered before holding you close to his body.
Liam- The baby had been crying all night last night at the hospital, and Liam thought it would be best for him to drive you and baby home. He put him in the carrier and slung your arm around his waist as you made your way to the car. You climbed in and turned in your seat to see Liam putting Adams carrier in place.
"Bubba boy, your gonna be the best little man ever aren't you?" Liam laughed as Adam laughed and his eyelids dropped heavily. Liam stroked his cheek softly and hummed "Twinkle twinkle little star", until Adam fell asleep in the back seat.
Liam climbed into the drivers seat and started the engine before driving carefully towards home.
Louis- "Oooooohhh, hey there boys. I'm your daddy Louis. Yeah! I'm that crazy guy who was talking to you in mummys tummy. Your mummys my bestest friend ever. And I know she's gonna be the bestest mumma ever aswell." Your boyfriend smiled as he looked at the twins boy asleep in the back seat. You laughed softly to yourself.
"Really Louis? Bestest friend ever? Bless your soul honey, bless your soul!" You laughed as you parked in the double car garage. Louis raced around the side and picked Jacob out of his carrier while you went round the other side and got Michael. (A/N this was written before 5SOS days, did I see this coming? I think yes)
You heard the giggle of a baby and looked across the car to see Louis making faces at Jacob. And you just knew that everything was going to be perfect.
Niall-" Oh come on Y/N! I wanna see my Little girly. Park the car quickly!" Niall exclaimed as he impatiently waited for you to park the car and made his way swiftly into the backseat.
"Really Niall? She was in the back seat the whole time! And her names not little girly... its Ella." you giggled as you saw Niall carrying her inside.
"Love, I know you love it,she knows you love it, you know you love it." He cheekily grinned as he sat his baby girl in her rocker. She gazes up at you as you sat next to your husband.
"You know what Y/N? I feel like a few more." Niall nervously stated as he held his daughter's hand.
Harry- You fumbled with the front door key and made your way upstairs in your tired state, leaving Harry with the babies. You went upstairs, pulled the covers over your head and fell straight asleep.
You woke up a few hours later and yawned as you stepped out of bed and made your way to the triplets bedroom door. You stood by the door frame and watched as you husband sat amongst the 2 precious girls and boy.
"I know what your gonna be like little miss sassy. Im gonna be fighting off boys left, right and center if you don't stay my little princess. But you always will be won't you. Yes. Yes you will Anna. And what about your sister here? She's very pretty isn't she? You know what here name is? Her names Isabelle and you guys are gonna be good friends. And this little womanizer? This trouble maker here? I know his name! James, Im already having trouble keeping the girls off you. Don't you go causing trouble!" Harry smiled and laughed as he talked to each baby. You padded over and knelt down while resting your head over his shoulder. You felt him smile as he turned and placed his arms around you back. Pulling you in close.

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