One Direction Preferences

Preferences I wrote about One Direction, before Zayn left the band. Also up on my wattpad account and I will be posting them on Quotev and


27. What He Gives You As A Gift

He knew you loved reading. You would read anything as long as it had a good plot. Your favorite genre was romance though. You had finished reading all the books you had and you were getting restless and bored with nothing new to read. Louis had noticed this over the past week. While you were visiting your friends, he went out to the best book store in town. He didn't really know what you considered a good plot so he picked up some book that he thought looked good. When he got home you weren't there yet. He took out all 20 books he had bought and carefully and neatly set them out on the dining room table. He hid the receipt in the coat pocket and went to your shared bedroom, waiting for you to get home. It was half an hour later when he heard the front door open. He peeked out just enough so he could see you but, you couldn't see him. You hung your coat up and walked into the dining room. You stopped in your tracks and looked at all the books in awe. He came out and wrapped his arms around your waist.
"What do you think? Will this last you a while?" He asked.
"Did you really buy me all these books?" You asked in awe.
"Mhmm. I noticed you were getting bored." He kissed you cheek.
He went over and picked up a random book handing it to you. "Will you read this one to me?"
Your hobby was skateboarding. About two weeks ago you ruined your skateboard though. You didn't have anything else to do for fun. Zayn knew it was a strong passion of yours so while you were in school one day he went to a good friend of his. He told him what happened and had you a new custom made skateboard for you. When you got home from school that day, sitting on you and Zayn's bed was the skateboard with a pretty red ribbon wrapped around it. You turned to Zayn as he walked in the room.
"Did you get this for me?" You asked with a smile on your face.
"Yeah. I got it made just for you, boo." He kissed your head and took you and the skateboard out so you could show him your tricks.
Your favorite band was coming to your town and you really wanted to go see them. Unfortunately, you hadn't saved up enough money for a ticket. Harry knew just how much you loved this band. He was actually very jealous of them. They had all your attention, and sometimes he thought you liked them more than One Direction. While you were at work one day he went online and bought you and him front row tickets and back stage passes. He taped them to the bathroom mirror so you would see them. When you got home from work that night, you walked into the bathroom to wash you face and get ready for bed. When you looked at the mirror, you screamed really loud. Harry smiled to himself, knowing you saw your gift. You ran out and hugged him, kissing all over his face. All you could say was "Thank you! I love you!" All night.
You had been looking at a dress for weeks. You wanted it so bad! But, you didn't have enough for it. Liam couldn't stand to see the sad look on your face when you would see it in the clothing store. He knew it was almost time for your graduation, so he bought the dress for you as a gift. It was hard for him to hide it 'til your graduation but, he managed. When you were getting ready to leave he pulled you upstairs to your room.
"Here." He said handing you a box and smiling.
"What is it?" You asked opening it up slowly.
When you saw that it was the dress you wanted, you attacked Liam with hugs and kisses.
"Thank you so much baby!" You said smiling.
"I was hoping that you'd wear today when you graduate." He said smiling.
You smiled back and changed into your new dress before leaving with Liam to your graduation.
You had this necklace that you wore everywhere you went. Well, one day Niall accidently threw it away. When you asked him if he'd seen it he lied and told you no. He felt bad for 1) Throwing it away and 2) lying to you. So while you were out one day he went to a jeweler and showed him a picture of the necklace, asking if they could make you a new one just like it. With in a week Niall had the new necklace. He set it in your jewelry box with your other necklaces. When you got home you opened it to put away the necklace you were wearing. When you saw your necklace you were so relieve. Niall still felt bad and wanted to tell you what happened but, when he saw you wearing it and looking happy, he knew that what you didn't know wouldn't hurt you. He did, however, tell you he found it. He needed some sort of credit after all.

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