One Direction Preferences

Preferences I wrote about One Direction, before Zayn left the band. Also up on my wattpad account and I will be posting them on Quotev and


6. Watching Football (Soccer)

~Louis: You sat down in front of the tv with a bowl of chips and 2 beer bottles. You handed one to him and settled into the couch. Just then your two year old daughter ran in and stared up at your with tired eyes.
"Mummy I can't sweep, can I pwease sit?" Ebony asked as she wedge herself in between you and Louis. You faced him and burst into giggles as he placed his arm across her shoulders. He tried hard not to laugh but cracked a smile for your sake.
"PASS THE BALL YOU TWIT! HE'S RIGHT THERE... KICK IT IN!" Louis yelled as the game got exciting.
"Don't wowwy mum, I go to sweep in bed!" Ebony yawned as she toddled down the hall to her room.
Niall: You sat with your head in Nialls lap as the program showed reruns of past matches. You felt Niall tense up as the match started. You watched quietly for the first 10 minutes before the game actually got good and people started scoring.
"The other teams shit Y/N, they have no chance against us. Don't worry!" Niall grinned down at you.
"Niall watch your Fucking language." You laughed, but he was too transfixed on the game to hear you. You felt him clench his fist as your team got close to the other teams goal. Sure enough your team scored. Niall lept from the couch but you weren't expecting it. You screamed as you rolled off the couch... and straight onto the floor.
Harry: "Come sit kitten, the games about to start." Harry whispered as he sat his ass on the floor. You smiled and sat on the arm chair behind him. You crossed your legs and placed your hands on his head. He swatted your hands away as the other team scored 3 goals within the first 20 minutes.
"Fuck this Y/N, no way we'll win now ay!" Harry grumbled as you tugged gently on his hair. "Kitty, stop doin that, you know what's gonna happen." He laughed, you just continued to tug on the roots of his hair and lightly massage his head. Harry groaned softly and paused the game.
"We aren't going too well anyway. May aswell make this day worth it." He smiled as he pulled you down the hallway, into the bedroom.
Zayn: You know Zayn doesn't really get into the game. But that was good coz neither do you. So you weren't surprised when by the second half Zayn was softly snoring and spread out on the couch. Within 15 minutes you were joining him.
You opened your eyes 2 hours later when you felt Zayn stirring behind you.
"Zayn, baby wake up." You whispered to him, not wanting to wake up your daughter's. You remember how much of a heavy sleeper Zayn was. "ZAYN WAKE UP!" You screamed in his ear.
"YEAH, WE WON!" Zayn yelled as he jumped from the couch.
"What are you talking about?" You questioned him.
"I dunno love. I dunno." He muttered as he lay back on the couch and fell asleep again.
Liam: Liam raced through the lounge room with your son screaming with laughter in his arms. He dropped his son down on the armchair and sat next to him. You watched as they both straightened out their football jerseys.
"Liam, be careful with him. He's only two and a half." You scolded him. He only pouted and you laughed as your son copied him.
"Come on love, let's just watch the game haha!" Liam grinned as he switched on the TV. The match started and Liam stared intently at the television. The team scored a goal and you laughed as Liam through his arms in the air. You both knew what was coming next and started crying with laughter as your son threw his tiny arms in the air and cheered with his dad.
You smiled and bundled him up in your arms. Soon to be joined by Liam in one big group hug.

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