One Direction Preferences

Preferences I wrote about One Direction, before Zayn left the band. Also up on my wattpad account and I will be posting them on Quotev and


2. Teasing Him

~Niall: The movie played in the background as Nialls head rested in your lap. You tugged softly at his hair, pulling it tightly every few seconds. Within minutes you heard soft moans escaping his lips. He shifted uncomfortably in your lap. You chuckled to yourself as you slowly trailed your hand to his chest. He shifted again as he figited. You trailed your hand lower until it reached the waist-band of his slacks. His obvious discomfort was portrayed on his face as he whine for you to move quicker.
Louis: You lay on your bed looking at eachother. Your fingers laced and playfully wriggling. You looked into his eyes and gave him a soft peck on the lips. You pulled back and heard him groan in impatience. You kissed him again, moving your fingers to lace around his neck. You tongues playfully jolted back and forth together. When suddenly you pulled out and jumped up.
"I'm gonna make some dinner!" You laughed as you heard the faster patter of footsteps to the bathroom.
Harry: You slowly danced around him. Grinding your body into his crotch as you swayed in the club. You heard him groan and looked down to see a slight bulge in his pants. You laughed and turned your back to him. You rubbed your butt over the lump and he wrapped his arm around you, embrasing you as he left love bites on your neck. His bulge was growing ever more and you laughed.
"Think I need a refill, see you Harry!!" You giggled as you heard him huff and make his way towards the back. Towards the bathrooms.
Liam: You guys browsed the aisles of Bras 'n' Things, looking for some new "items". Liam huffed and looked disapprovingly at the lacy clothes lining the racks. He spotted a pair of matching Cat Woman lingerie and handed them to you. He then proceeded to find items that he thought appropriate.
"Now I'm going to wait here. You go into the change rooms and find what stuff fits you ok?" He stated bluntly. You nodded as you made your way over, picking up a few lacy thing on the way. You stepped into the rooms and pulled the curtain shut. You changed into the lace and called Liam in.
"Liam, my straps broke, can you help?" You whine as you heard him shuffle in. He had his hands over his eyes and you saw him peaking. His eyes widened when he saw what you were wearing.
"Fuck. Umm..." He exclaimed as he looked you up and down. He jiggled as he stood. His boxer suddenly becoming tight.
Zayn: "Draw whatever you feel. Express yourself!" Zayn called out to the class. You hatched a plan in your head and called him over.
"Sir could you help me please? My pencil sketches aren't very good!" You smiled as he wrapped his arms around me. You leaned back knto him as he took hold of your hand and fluidly moved the pencil over the paper. You heard a groan escape his lips as my shoulder brushed his crotch. You pouted and looked up at him.
"Something wrong sir?" You laughed as his cheeks flushed red.

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