One Direction Preferences

Preferences I wrote about One Direction, before Zayn left the band. Also up on my wattpad account and I will be posting them on Quotev and


23. Something He Teachers You

He teaches you how to drive. He knows how badly you want to be able to drive yourself places, so he buys you your own car and takes you out on the roads. He tells you where to go, when to turn, what gear to use, and more. He never once yelled at you. You're not the best or fastest learner, let alone driver. And all though you never crashed into anything, he was still very shaken up from the first time out.
He teaches you how to play the guitar. He knows you want to learn but never thought you could. He picks your favorite song and sits down on the living room floor with you between his legs. He helps you position your hands correctly. When ever you mess up you try to quit and leave, but he just kisses you cheek and repositions your hands. After you start to get the hang of it, he sings the song to you while you play the guitar.
You love drawing, but aren't very good at it. He's seen how you draw, and even though he tells you you're good at it, you know he's only being nice. One day when you get home you see pencils, paper, and him in the dining room. "I'm going to teach you to draw." He says smiling and setting you in the dining room. You two spend hours and days in the dining room until you feel you can draw well. Even though you'll never feel as good as him.
He teaches you how to play football (soccer). You were never good at playing sports and never really wanted to either. But he made it look like a lot of fun. So one day you asked him if he could give you some pointers. "How about I just teach you." He said taking you outside. You two spent hours outside playing football. And after many falls and bruises, you finally learned.
You know you're a good cook, but you can never seem to make his favorite dish the right way. You had watched him make it several times. "Could you, maybe, help me?" You asked him one night. He showed you what you needed, the right amounts, and more. He finally taught you how to make his favorite dish.

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