One Direction Preferences

Preferences I wrote about One Direction, before Zayn left the band. Also up on my wattpad account and I will be posting them on Quotev and


14. Playing Video Games Together

~Louis: He’s really competitive, he always has been. So when he asks you to play a war game with him on his Xbox, you know he won’t go easy on you. But you’ve played these games for years, sometimes with guy friends and sometimes with your brothers, or your dad. But Louis doesn’t know that. He tells you which gun you should use and how to shoot it, showing you the controls. And you just go along with it, pretending not to know what you’re doing. Once the game starts you let him kill you once or twice, and he acts like he’s sorry, he ‘just couldn’t help it’ and he ‘won’t do it again’, so the next time he tries to shoot you, you quickly aim the gun at him and kill him, leaving him shocked. You end up winning the game, making him a bit hurt because he doesn’t like for his girlfriend to beat him at video games like that, it shouldn’t be that way. But you’re sure to make up for it that night, making all traces of hurt pride go away.

Niall: He doesn’t care whether he loses or wins, he just likes spending the time with you doing something fun. Neither of you are very good at these games, so neither of you care whether you win or lose. Playful banter is exchanged and at one point you end up pushing him off the couch, making him have fits of laughter in the floor. You join in the laughter, his laugh is so contagious. This is why you love spending time with him, no matter what you’re doing, he always makes you happy.

Harry: He’s absolutely awful at video games, you don’t know why he always insists on playing them with you. But you do it, because he wants you to. You try to go easy on him, you don’t want to upset him, but you’re playing a racing game and even when you try to hang back you still beat him at nearly every race, it’s not your fault he keeps driving off the track. He runs into 90% of the obstacles on the damn course, and you’re trying not to laugh but honestly it’s so hard not to because he’s just… that bad. You try to teach him how to drive it a bit better but he won’t have it, he pushes you down on the couch and kisses you hard, getting rid of the frustration by making out with you.

Liam: He’s the sweet kind of boyfriend, he doesn’t want you to ever be upset. So he goes really easy on you, letting you beat him. You’re playing a fighting game, Mortal Kombat, and he barely tries to throw a punch at your character. You wish he would at least try to beat you, at least make it a challenge for you. It doesn’t take very long before you’re tired of the easy games and you straddle his lap, putting your hands behind his neck and pulling his lips to yours, kissing him long and passionately.

Zayn: You can barely focus on the game, his lips are working at your neck. He won’t play with you this time, all he wants is to touch you, everywhere. You’re trying to beat your highscore, which, to be honest, is pretty high. You’ve practiced this game so much that it’s really no problem for you anymore. But it’s hard to pay attention to the controls while he’s whispering dirty things in your ear and trailing one hand up your thigh while the other is playing with your hair. He nibbles at your earlobe and then dips his head down to suck on your neck, hitting your sweet spot and causing you to drop the remote and turn to him, the game completely forgotten.

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