One Direction Preferences

Preferences I wrote about One Direction, before Zayn left the band. Also up on my wattpad account and I will be posting them on Quotev and


12. Pets

~Liam: “Copper!” After not having your dog reply to any of your calls, you began to lose hope that he was anywhere near you. “Cop-” Your calls were interrupted by someone knocking you to the ground. “Woah I am so sorry love! I didn’t mean to push you down.” He held out his hand and you took it out of pity for the guy. You knew that you could’ve gotten up on your own and especially since some rude guy just knocked you over and thought that helping you up would make it better. Although all of your opinions about this guy being rude changed when you saw that he was a very attractive guy and technically wasn’t too rude. “So, who were you calling for?” The question pulled you back to what you had been doing and what you needed to do. “Looking for my dog. His name’s Copper.” You did not expect the stranger to really care and definitely no help you but sure enough, he started calling Coppers name. Awhile after looking and explaining what the dog looked like, the guy ran into the trees and you finally deemed that he was insane so you started to walk the other way. “Hey you! You must have forgot something.” When you turned back around, you saw a panting copper right next to the man. “Oh, thank you so much! I don’t know how I can repay you but it was a very nice thing to do. Thank you.” “Well actually, you can repay me by letting me take you out sometime.” After agreeing, you realized that Copper pretty much got you a date. You wouldn’t be losing sight of him again.
Harry: You woke up to soft kisses being placed all over your face and a smiling Harry hovering over your body. “Happy Birthday Y/N.” You groaned and rolled over so that you could try and go back to sleep so that you could ignore this whole day. “Hey, I know you told me that you didn’t want anything to do with your birthday but that doesn’t flow well with me so… I kind of have like the whole day planned.” You just glared at harry before getting up and going downstairs to get something to drink. You caught sight of a large box sitting on top of the kitchen counter and you turned around to ask Harry what it was but he wasn’t there. The tag read, ‘Y/N, you better let me do what I want for your birthday otherwise I will make you do it all. I love you :) ~Harry’. You pulled off the top to the box and something jumped out at you. You screamed but quickly realized that it was something small and fluffy. Your eyes widened as you realized what it was. A new puppy. You picked it up and smiled at how cute it was. As you turned around, Harry was leaning on the doorframe and smirking at you. “Harry…” “You told me at the park that it was your favorite kind of dog so I thought that’s what I would get you.” “I love you so much Harry. Thank you. Gosh, it is so cute.” “Yep, and now I’ll take him off your hands so that you can go get dressed and get ready.” You groaned but you loved him too much to care what you had to do that day.
Louis: Louis had wanted you two to have a peaceful night just watching movies and laying with each other and it had been that way for a few hours. It hadn’t technically been ‘peaceful’ because of Louis choice of a horror movie, but you were both still having fun. “Do you want anything to drink Lou?” “No I’m ok. Just hurry back.” You smiled and then walked towards the kitchen to make yourself a drink and Louis some more popcorn. As the popcorn was popping, you pulled out your phone so that you could check Instagram. Not long after, you saw something run across the window outside. It was dark so you thought that maybe you were just seeing things but then when you saw it again, you called for Louis. He went to go see what it was while you stayed inside with the coffee pot for a weapon. When Louis came back inside, you saw a shivering, wet dog in Louis’ arms. You ran to get a towel and wrap the poor dog up. It was a cute dog but it had no collar and it looked as if it hadn’t been treated right in the past. The dog fell asleep with you stroking its head while Louis sat across the room. You looked up at Louis but he caught you before you could say anything. “Don’t even think about it Y/N.” “But Louis! He’s s sweet and we know that he doesn’t have an owner. I could take care of it. You don’t need to do a thing.” Louis sighed and looked from the dog, to you. “Fine. But it can’t sleep in the bed with us and it will not sit in the front seat of my car. And I won’t take it for walks, but I will go with you I guess.” Your smile grew and you loved that you finally got to have a dog and it was all because of Louis
Zayn: You had never had a pet before but you had always wanted one. Although, you didn’t want a dog or a cat or a fish, because everyone had those and you wanted to be different. You didn’t mind what it was as long as if was abnormal. You had jars and jars of coins saved up so that you could spend it on a pet but it wasn’t enough yet. After coming home from work one day though, when you went to put your leftover change in the jars, none of them were there. You were simply devastated. A new pet had meant a lot to you because your family had never had enough money when you were younger so now that you had saved up enough and lost it, it just wasn’t fair to you. You crawled into bed and tried to sleep off the sadness until you could ask Zayn if he knew who took the jars although you wouldn’t be able to because you passed out. When you woke up a few hours later though, all the pain came back and you started to cry. “Y/N, baby, what’s wrong? Please tell me.” You hadn’t even realized that Zayn was under the covers holding you until he said that. “M-my jars are g-gone.” As you looked at Zayn, a huge look of guilt was on his face. You quickly sat up and glared at him. “What did you do with my jars Zayn!” “No Y/N, you don’t understand. I know you told me that you wouldn’t know what pet you wanted so I took the jars and took them to the bank to see how much you had and then I went to the pet store. I looked at all of the animals they had and I finally had one but you didn’t have enough so I contributed a little bit and I got you a sugar glider. I’m so sorry Y/N.” You smiled and hugged Zayn. “Thank you!” Zayn smiled and went downstairs to get your new pet. After playing with it for a while, you realized that Zayn couldn’t have done anything better.
Niall: Your boyfriend Niall was supposed to be coming over to your house today but yet again, he had cancelled on you. He did this every time you invited him over and it was kind of starting to bug you. After grabbing your phone, you dialed his number. “Hey Y/N! Sorry I couldn’t come over today. Maybe we can schedule a lunch date this week.” “Yea maybe. Hey Niall?” you began to pick at your nail, nervous about hearing the truth. “Yea love?” “Well, I mean, why do you never want to come over to my house? Do you just not want to see me or is it something else?” “No Y/N of course I want to see you! I just… Ya know…” “No I don’t know Ni. What should I know?” “Well… Your dog kinda freaks me out. I mean it’s a cute dog and all but what if he doesn’t like me because he’s trying to protect you or something?” You couldn’t help but laugh at Nialls comment. “Niall, do you really think that’s going to happen? Ha just come over for once and see love.” Niall chuckled after finally realizing it was a bit of a silly idea. “Ok fine. What about now?” “Now is perfect. I’ll see you soon.” Niall arrived later that night and you had both planned that he would stay the night there so he had a small bag of clothes that he brought with him. He set the bag by the door and pulled you in for a hug. Your dog ran up to him and wagged his tail. You laughed at the thought of Nialls fear again. “Hey, I told you that you didn’t need to worry.” You immediately stopped laughing when you saw that your dog was peeing on Nialls bag of clothes. You covered your mouth to keep from laughing and even Niall started to laugh. “Ha! I told you! He’s lucky I have an extra pair of clothes in my bag…” You apologized and he ran out to get more clothes. That was the moment you realized that he really did love you.

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