One Direction Preferences

Preferences I wrote about One Direction, before Zayn left the band. Also up on my wattpad account and I will be posting them on Quotev and


8. Movie Night

~Liam: You and Liam hadn’t seen each other for a few weeks because you too had been so busy for work so you had planned a movie night two weeks in advance just so that you would finally have a night together. You wanted a relaxing movie night so you got all the popcorn and drinks ready so that you two wouldn’t have to get up. You heard a knock on the door and rushed for it. “Liam!” You squealed and wrapped your arms around him. He chuckled and you could feel his chest faintly rumble. “I’m so happy to finally see you Y/N! I’ve missed you so much.” “Me too! I’ve set everything up so that we don’t have to really be distracted too!” You grabbed Liam’s hand and sat down onto the couch with him after starting the movie. You grabbed the bowl of popcorn and you two sat there watching the movie. Although, it was soon forgotten once you two started talking and laughing about what’s happened since the last time you saw each other.
Harry: All of the boys had invited you over for a movie night at their place and you were super excited to go. You knocked on the door to their flat and you heard someone running for the door. When it opened, you saw your boyfriend Harry. “Hey Y/N!” You laughed while hugging him and then went inside. “So what movie are we going to watch?” All of the boys looked at each other but no one said anything. “We were hoping you would decide.” Louis said with a smile. You grabbed the first movie that you saw on the shelf and put it in while all of the boys sprawled out on the couch. “Oh come on! There’s no room for me now!” Harry chuckled and motioned for you to sit on his lap and as soon as you had you gave him a kiss to thank him. “Ew!” “Gross!” “Get a room!” You and Harry burst out laughing at everyone else’s comments. Once the movie started you did it more and more just to see what the guys would do. The rest of the night was full of laughing.
Louis: You had been home sick for most of the day and were expecting Louis later that day when he got off of work. You got up to grab yourself a water and were making it in the kitchen when Louis walked in. “Y/N what are you doing up!” “Well I was getting myself some water since I was thirsty.” Louis groaned but you laughed because of how protective he was. “I don’t think you should be out of bed but I wasn’t here to get it for you so I guess I’ll let you off the hook.” He winked at you and then picked you up bridal style and carried you over to the couch. He wrapped you up in blankets and then went to fetch your water. “So I was thinking that the rest of the night could just be a movie night. Would you want to do that?” “Of course I would! But only if you sit with me! Although not too close because I don’t want you getting sick.” Louis sat down right next to you and stuck his face in yours. You burst out laughing even though you were serious. “Louis stop! I don’t want you getting sick.” You fake pouted and he backed away only slightly. “Aw I’m sorry Y/N I really don’t mind getting sick though because then I’ll be here to take care of you!” You just laughed as he got up to start the movie. The next day he was just as sick as you were but you at least got to spend the time together.
Zayn: You were babysitting your siblings and Zayn had offered to come over and help you but you realized that him coming over was probably the worst decision you could make because your siblings loved him. They really loved him. As soon as he walked in the door, they jumped up onto him while screaming his name. He just chuckled and you were astonished at how calm he was being with such wild kids. The kids were running around the house trying to chase him and show him the artwork that they did at school. They wanted to play about five hundred games in one minute and Zayn was starting to not realize what he was doing. “Why don’t we all watch a movie and I can make popcorn!” You shouted happily so that they would maybe back off him a little bit. “Yea! Can we watch Frozen?” you smirked and told them to go put the movie in. “Thanks babe.” Zayn kissed your cheek and helped you to make popcorn and when he sat down your siblings climbed on top of him. By the end of the movie they were passed out and you could see that Zayn was falling asleep too. You picked up the kids and put them to bed and then went and lay with Zayn to finish off your movie night.
Niall: You and a bunch of friends had decided that you would all drive down to the beach so that you could swim and then have a campfire later that night. One of your friends told you that they had invited Niall, the kid you have had a crush on since you were little. Everyone told you that he had a crush on you too but you just couldn’t believe it. When the time came, you and Niall were splashing each other in the ocean and having a great time and soon you guys were setting up the fire. You hadn’t realized that the beach would be much colder than you originally thought so your shorts and tank top weren’t enough to keep you warm. Niall saw your small shivers and walked over to you and held his arms out. “Cuddle with me.” You were fairly shocked that he was actually asking you this. “No it’s ok. I’m not that cold. I’ll warm up soon.” “Y/N come on just cuddle with me I can tell you’re cold.” You gave in and climbed into his open arms. “You know Y/N… I’ve, well I’ve kind of liked you for a really long time and I was wondering if maybe you would want to go out with me? Then we could cuddle more.” The last part he said with a smirk and you said of course as you laid your head on his chest.

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