One Direction Preferences

Preferences I wrote about One Direction, before Zayn left the band. Also up on my wattpad account and I will be posting them on Quotev and


29. Late Night Call

At first you thought it was your alarm going off already but, it never stopped. Confused, you picked up your phone and see your boyfriend was calling you. You yawned and answered.
"You know there is a time difference between us, right?" You asked laying back down.
"I know. I just wanted to know how your test went today. We studied really hard for it."
You smiled. Liam knew you were nervous about your history test so he helped you study and said he'd call you to see how you did.
"I got a 96% on it." You said smiling big.
"That's amazing sweetheart! I knew you could do it!"
You were trying to stay up and wait for his usual late night call. He always calls you before you go to sleep because he knows you love hearing his voice. You were half asleep when you heard the familiar ring tone playing.
"Hi boo." You hear when you answer the phone.
"Hey, you called in just enough time." You say laughing and laying back into your pillow.
"What do you want to talk about love?" He asked.
"I don't know." You say, sleepiness heavy on your voice.
"How about I sing to you, would you like that?" He asked.
"Yeah." You say closing your eyes.
You were sleeping peacefully until you heard you phone go off. Sighing, you answered it.
"Hello?" You say yawning.
"I saw the strangest thing earlier!" He says excited.
You rubbed your eyes and put him on speaker so you didn't have to hold the phone. This happened three times a week at the least. Harry will call you, despite the time difference, to tell you about something odd or strange he saw, or about something funny someone said. Not that you mind. It's only sleep, right?
"I saw a man riding a bike and playing the guitar at the same time!" He said laughing.
You laughed and smiled, knowing you're about to lose any chances of sleep that night.
You were almost asleep when you heard Louis' ring tone. Thinking it was an emergency you answered.
"What are you wearing?" He asked hurried and out of breath.
You rolled your eyes. Every once in a while Louis will call you, no matter what time it is, so you can help him with a 'problem'.
"One of your shirts." You said laying back down. You heard him groan.
You set the phone down on speaker and hoped that your tired moans and groans would be enough for him tonight.
You were rudely awakened by Thrift Shop playing. Knowing that was Niall's ringtone you answered thinking something was wrong.
"Hey Princess." He says cheerfully.
"What do you want? It's - four in the morning!" You groaned checking the time.
"Nothing, I'm on BBC Radio right now. They wanted me to call the last person I talked to."
You were slightly angry now. So you hung up and sent him a quick text.

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