One Direction Preferences

Preferences I wrote about One Direction, before Zayn left the band. Also up on my wattpad account and I will be posting them on Quotev and


46. His Reaction To His Band Mates Bullying You

His first reaction was to be shocked. He had never believed you when you told him that his band mates hated you and had no problem telling you that. You and him were over at Liam's house for a cookout and he happened to walk into the living room when Liam had you shoved up against the wall.
"Hey!" Louis yelled.
He ran over and pulled you inro his arms. "If you ever touch her again I won't hesitate to break your face." You and Louis left to go home and the whole way he couldn't stop apologising.
He didn't think anybody would have a problem with you. They liked Perrie, so why did they have a problem with you? His reaction was a bit delayed if you ask him. He didn't know how to react when he saw Harry back hand you across the face. After everyone had left the room he walked over to you and asked if you were okay and got you ice. Later that day when he saw Harry the first thing he did was slap him as hard as he could.
"How do you think Y/N felt?" He said then walked away.
He knew you would lie about something like this. He just didn't want to believe that his band mates, his best friends, would do something like this. He never actually saw any of it happen because as soon as you told him what was going on he made sure you and the boys were never around each other. You weren't allowed to have their numbers anymore either.
He's not a voilent person, everyone knows that. You had told him multiple times what was going on but he just told you they were messing around. When you would show him the bruises he would jst say they can be a little rough sometimes and that he would talk to them about it. And he did. He told them not to be so rough with you. That only made them do it more.
He was livid when he saw Zayn shove you to the ground. You never told him what they were doing because you didn't want him to hate his band mates. He didn't know who to be more mad at, them, or you. He went over and shoved Zayn away.
"Don't ever come near her again!" He yelled before helping you up and leaving.

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