One Direction Preferences

Preferences I wrote about One Direction, before Zayn left the band. Also up on my wattpad account and I will be posting them on Quotev and


10. He's Sick

~Liam: You had been getting ready all day because that night you were going to visit your parents whom you hadn’t seen since your wedding day five months ago. They had invited Liam too and he had agreed to go but you hadn’t seen him all day. You started to wonder where he was as it got closer to the time that you guys had to leave so you texted him and asked him where he was. After not answering for over an hour, you called the other boys. Finally, you called Harry. “Hey Y/N! How are you?” “I’m ok I guess. Do you happen to know where Liam has been all day?” You fidgeted nervously hoping that he would know since none of the other boys did. “Oh yea of course he is with me. After rehearsal, he didn’t look too hot so I offered to take him to my place and drive him home later. Although I was planning to go out tonight so if you wanted, you could pick him up.” “Yea I will. I’ll be right there. ” As you pulled up to Harry’s house you got out of the car and ran inside. Harry left the door unlocked for you so you walked inside and immediately saw Liam lying on the couch holding his stomach. You ran your hand over his hair to get it out of his face. “Hey babe, how are you holding up?” Liam opened his eyes and then realization hit him. “Y/N? Gosh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to miss your parents’ dinner. I’m so sorry.” As his sentence wore on, you could tell he was getting sleepier from the softness of his voice. “Oh love it’s ok. I’m just happy that you’re ok. I thought something had happened to you but now I’m here to take you home and take care of you.” Liam just nodded as you wrapped your arm around him and drove Liam home to take care of him.
Harry: “So you’ll come pick me up in a few hours and then we will go to my parents’ house right?” “Yes Y/N. Honey stop worrying and just calm down. I know you’re nervous but everything will work out fine in the end. Ok?” You sighed and agreed to what he was saying. He ended the call after telling you that he loved you and you got in the shower and started to get ready. You got dressed in your newest dress and the doorbell rang. You ran downstairs and invited Harry in so that he wouldn’t have to wait outside while you got your shoes on. As soon as you took one look at Harry, you had to look at him again to see if you had actually seen his cherry red nose. “Harry? Are you ok?” “Oh yea I’m fine. Just a stuffy nose.” “Oh ok if you say so.” Both of you were in the car and headed for your parents’ house when Harry started to groan and you looked over at him. “Love are you sure you’re ok? If you don’t feel well we can see my parents another day.” “Yea Y/N I’ll be fine. I want to see your parents and I don’t even feel that bad. I just had a sudden burst of head pain.” You weren’t convinced that he was telling the truth but you let him do what he wanted. As soon as you were sat down for dinner though Harry jumped up and bolted for the bathroom. You went to go check on him and when you saw him hunched over the toilet a strike of pain hit you. “Harry come on.” You helped him to your old room and took his shoes and shirt of and tucked him in your bed. You then went to tell your parents that you would be spending the night because of Harry not feeling well. When you walked back upstairs and got into bed with Harry, he pulled you to him and thanked you for taking care of him before falling asleep.
Louis: You had just gotten a text from Niall asking you to come over to where they practiced for the new album and so you had headed over there. Niall didn’t give the slightest hint as to why you were supposed to go over there but you started to worry because you knew that Louis had driven there and could have drove back or had someone else drive him back if need be, so you knew something was up. As soon as you parked, you were outside and speed walking for the building. You went up to the level that they were on and walking into the recording studio. Although, as you looked around, you saw everyone but Louis. “Where is he? Is he ok? What happened?” They all turned to you with tired looking faces. Zayn was the one to speak first. “He’s been throwing up all morning and he’s burning up. We told him that we were going to take him home but then he said that he didn’t want you to know because he didn’t want you to worry.” Liam was the next to speak. “Although it’s funny, even though he says that, he’s been asking for you all afternoon.” “Well you tell me he’s feeling so bad but where is he?” They all pointed in the direction of the private bathroom. You knocked softly before entering and walked in. Louis had small tears running down his face and was leaned up against the wall with his head in his hands. “Oh Louis. Why didn’t you tell me? Oh honey I’m so sorry.” You sat down on the bathroom floor and held him against your chest. He was still crying softly but managed to croak out one thing to you before he cried a little harder. “Everything hurts Y/N.” “Shh. It will be ok. I promise you that, Louis. It’s ok now. You’re ok.” And after getting him home and in bed snuggled up next to you, he was.
Zayn: “Hey Zayn! Are you ready for tonight? It’ll be so much fun and-” As soon as you saw a pale looking Zayn sprawled out on the bed you cut your words off so that you wouldn’t wake him up if you hadn’t already. Walking over to Zayn, you could see all of the tissues on the floor and the various glasses sat on the bedside table that he had used to drink different substances. You picked all of the glasses up and went to put them in the sink. Then you heard a small sound from behind you and you turned around to see Zayn rubbing his eyes in the doorway. “What are you doing up? You need to go get back in bed.” “No. I slept and took medicine all day so that I would be well enough to hang out with you tonight.” He tried to reason with you but you knew that he was not going to be leaving the house until you knew that he felt better for sure. “Listen Zayn, I love that you want to go out with me tonight just to make me happy but you still look really pale and you won’t be leaving the house until you feel 100% better.” “But Y/N.” You smiled because of the fact that he had sounded like a small child begging for something. “Love, you know that you would make me stay home if I was sick too so don’t even try to fight it. Now go get back in bed and I’ll bring you some soup.” As he was walking away you heard him mumble something that seemed like a good thing but in a put out kind of tone. “What was that Zayn?” “I said I love you.” You smirked and then went off to go help him get better.
Niall: Niall had brought up the idea of you two watching a movie so that’s what you had both decided to do. Halfway through the movie, you heard loud snores coming from Niall’s side of the couch. You laughed and just turned up the volume on the movie so that you could finish it. Halfway through the movie, you heard small whimpers coming from Niall too. You glanced over to see that he had a small frown upon his face and you tried to shake him so that he could wake up. His eyes shot open and he clamped a hand over his mouth as he ran to the bathroom. You followed quickly after him. “Niall? Babe are you ok?” “Y/N. My head hurts.” You walked in and went to feel his head. It was unbelievably warm so you grabbed a washcloth from under the counter and wet it under cold water. You then draped it across his forehead as you put his head in your lap so that he could lie down but still be by the toilet if he needed to get sick again. “Y/N you can go watch the movie. I’ll be fine here.” You couldn’t believe that he would actually say that. “Are you kidding me Niall? There is no way that I would leave you when you’re sick. I’m always here for you Ni. I love you.” “I love you too Y/N. I love you so much. Thank you.”

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