One Direction Preferences

Preferences I wrote about One Direction, before Zayn left the band. Also up on my wattpad account and I will be posting them on Quotev and


16. He's Asked About You During An Interview

~Niall: “There’s some pictures of you and this girl… Y/N, going around on some networks like twitter and such. What’s the story there? New girlfriend?” The interviewer questions him. The other boys start to make kissy noises towards him making Niall blush and hide his face in his hands for a second. Once they stop he lowers his hands, “Yeah, she’s my girlfriend. She’s great, she’s an amazing girl.” He says, smiling.

Louis: He’s laughing as Niall finishes telling the interviewer a story about one of the many times he and Louis had pranked the other boys in the band. This one was something about tying liam to a chair he fell asleep in while they were touring. The interviewer laughs but then gets a bit more serious, turning to Louis, “So, Louis, what’s the story with you and Y/N?” Louis’ eyes light up at the mention of your name, a bright smile across his face as he tells the interviewer about you, about all the reasons that makes him love you.

Liam: He leans back in his chair a bit, listening as Louis is going on about some after-party they went to once. The interviewer is quite nice and doesn’t pry as much as most of them. Next up is Liam’s question, and he already figures it will be about you. He’s been asked about you a lot lately, but he doesn’t mind. He wants to talk about you, wants to shout from the rooftops how much he loves you, even if that’s completely cliché. Maybe love is cliché. So when the interviewer asks him how things have been between the two of you, he doesn’t hesitate to fill everyone in on the details, wanting people to understand how much he cares for you, even though he knows they’ll never /completely/ understand.

Harry: They ask him about you. Of course they do. They always ask him about the girls. Most of them he hasn’t even dated, they were just friends that came with him to a party. But of course the press doesn’t see it that way. They make it look like he’s been with so many girls, and it’s not true. He hates it. Hates how they keep acting like you’re just another one of those girls, the ones that are there and then gone within the next week. You’re so much more than that, you’re different, you’re special. He loves you. He’s /in/ love with you. How long will it take for them to understand that? Obviously it won’t be in this interview as the man in front of him motions to the screen where there’s a picture of the two of you kissing backstage, from that time you came to visit him on tour. He shakes his head a bit and smiles, trying to play it cool. Trying to act like it doesn’t bother him. But it does. And he just hopes that soon everyone will see that he’s not just fooling around with you, he’s truly in love.

Zayn: He’s usually quiet during the interviews. Mostly he’ll just sit there and listen to everyone, only talking when he’s asked a question directly. But recently it’s been a bit different, and all the boys have noticed. Lately Zayn’s been on the edge of his seat, waiting to be asked about you. Wanting the opportunity to talk about you. And of course with the recent engagement, that’s all the interviewers want to talk about as well.

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