One Direction Preferences

Preferences I wrote about One Direction, before Zayn left the band. Also up on my wattpad account and I will be posting them on Quotev and


42. He Treats You Badly In Front Of Fans Part 1

You and Louis were spending the day at the beach. He had been a little grumpy since he woke up and his mood hadn't improved even a little. You were laying on a towel tanning and Louis was surfing. He came back over to your spot just as his phone went off. After reading it he looked even more mad. You had seen fans all over the beach and hoped they wouldn't bother Louis today. Thankfully they kept their distance.
"We have to go." Is all he said before heading towards the car. You were picking up both of you guys' things when he stomped back over to you and harshly pulled you to your feet. You dropped everything .
"God, can you do anything!?" He shouted at you. All you heard were the gasp of his fans around you.
You and Harry were walking home from the movies when a bunch of fans came over and asked you two for pictures. Harry sighed, obviously not in the mood. You smiled and started taking pictures with them.
"Jesus Christ, Y/N let's go!" He said pulling too hard on your arm. You fell into his side. You saw people taking pictures and videos of the whole scene.
Zayn was in a bad mood, but he had agreed to go on a walk with you. You had tried talking to him but he never replied. After a while you saw some fans walking up to you and Zayn. You knew he didn't want to have to deal with people right now. You didn't want his fans to think he was mad at them or something.
"Zayn, why don't we head home?" You said gently pulling on his arm.
"Jesus, Y/N! You were the one that wanted to walk in the first place!" He said roughly pushing you back. You lost your balance and fell to the ground. All the fans that were walking towards you stopped.
You and Niall decided to go out to eat for his first day off tour. You let him pick where you two went. When you got there you two sat down and the waiter took your orders.
You two talked about how tour was and what you did while he was gone. When you got your food all conversation stopped so you two could eat.
"This doesn't taste right." Niall said. "Come on, we're going somewhere else." He stood up.
"Niall just ask for something else."
"No! We're leaving!" He said tanking roughly on your arm. You heard gasps and saw fans outside the window.
You and Liam were at the park kicking a ball back and fourth. You could tell that he was getting frustrated with you because your kicking was off. You were never very sporty and it didn't help the situation.
Fans were everywhere. They enjoyed watching you two play ball.
"Jesus, Y/N, all you have to do is aim for me!"
"I'm sorry!" You huffed.
"Just like this!" He kicked the ball and it hit you in the stomach. The fans watched with wide eyes as you fell.
"Get up." Liam said rolling his eyes.

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