One Direction Preferences

Preferences I wrote about One Direction, before Zayn left the band. Also up on my wattpad account and I will be posting them on Quotev and


25. He Sees Your Ex

You two were walking around the mall when you had seen your ex. You hadn't told Harry that he was your ex because you thought it would be awkward and unnecessary. But, unfortunately, Harry could tell that something was wrong or off because you walked closer to him and held his hand tighter. He looked at you and asked what was wrong and if it had anything to do with the boy across the way from them. You reluctantly told him and he didn't react the way you thought he would. Which was good. All Harry did was hold you closer and tighter to his side and kissed your head. "You don't ever have to worry about him again. I'm here for you."
Unfortunately, you saw your ex almost everyday. You two worked toegether, he was the one who got you your job in the first place. Louis had picked you up from work a few times but he had never seen your ex. You didn't want him to because you didn't know how he'd react. But, luck was not always on your side. Louis picked you up for lunch one day and your ex happened to be working next to you at the time. He would still try and flirt with you and still asked you out, even though he knew you had a boyfriend. And Louis had walked in just as he asked you to take him back. Of course you said no and walked up to Louis. Louis knew this had to be your ex since he asked you to take him back. Louis, to your suprise, didn't say anything. He looked the guy up and down, mentally sizing him up. When you two walked out to his car is when he talked. "He's a chump! I can't believe you dated that!"
He knew your ex because he was the one to introduce you to each other. You and Zayn both knew that he didn't have anything to worry about. But you noticed that everytime you two saw him or he was brought up in a conversation, Zayn would tense up and hold you tighter. But again, you both knew you had nothing to worry about, so you never brought up Zayn's actions.
Liam didn't know you had an ex until he had to come up to you and Liam on your date to the movies one night and mention when you two dated. And how much you two enjoyed it. After your little run in Liam was quiet, of course because you were at the movies, and tene the whole time. On your way back home you told him not to worry and that you loved him and only him. Liam was more talkative but, still really tense. "I'm sorry baby. I know you love me or else we wouldn't be together right now." He was perfectly fine after you two talked. But everytime he sees your ex he gets tense and doesn't talk.
Niall was never one for confrontation. And seeing your ex was no exception. You never really had anything to worry about when it came to runins with him. Even when your ex would come up and talk to you or try to provoke Niall, he never did anything. Just held you and calmly walked away like the better person. You loved him even more for this.

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