One Direction Preferences

Preferences I wrote about One Direction, before Zayn left the band. Also up on my wattpad account and I will be posting them on Quotev and


33. He Says Something Bad About You Part 1

You were sitting in the kitchen eating a cookie when you heard the front door open and close. Loud laughing erupted the silence.
"Yeah, she just needs to lose a few pounds to be the perfect weight for me." You heard Niall say.
What was he talking about? You didn't think you weighed too much.
"She's just a few pounds too much for me right now." He said. They must've not realized you were home! You looked down at your stomach and then at the cookie you were eating. You suddenly felt sick to your stomach and threw it away.
Two weeks later you've managed to lose 25 pounds by not eating nearly as much as before and throwing up what you do eat. Niall is taking you to the VMA's as his date tonight. You were getting dressed and looked at yourself in the mirror. You smiled because you were thin now. You walked downstairs and left with Niall. You two were walking down the carpet and you suddenly got really dizzy. You shook it off and continued to walk. Just walking a little farther made you get dizzier and you couldn't support yourself anymore. You crashed to the floor.
"It just bothers me how small she is. I'm always having to help her get something off high shelves and, she's so tiny I'm afraid I'll break her if I hug her too tight!"
You couldn't believe what you were hearing! He's never complained before! You were very small in size compared to him and even most girls. You were trying to get something and was going to ask for help but, you just climbed on the counter instead. There was nothing you could do about your size.
For the last two weeks you've been wearing the tallest heals you own so you didn't need help. You've been trying to play rough with everyone so Harry will see you won't get hurt. You sat down in the bubble bath and sighed. Your feet were killing you and your body was so sore. You had scratches and bruises everywhere! You hissed in pain when the hot water and soap hit your newer bruises.
"God, and she can't tell a joke to save her life!" Louis said into his phone. That's how you woke up. By being insulted by your boyfriend. You knew you couldn't tell jokes but, he didn't have to say it!
"It's not just the bad jokes! She's always talking! I never get any peace and queit!" He hung up and sighed. You didn't know what to do. You usually said something when you woke up but, after hearing that... You waited a few minutes before you silently got up and walked to the kitchen.
After you made breakfast and ate in more silence, you and Louis sat down and watched a movie. You haven't talked all day and it felt oddly nice. You smiled to yourself. Maybe you just won't talk anymore. It felt so good not to talk.
It's been two weeks since you last talked. Your phone started ringing as you sat in your room. It was your bestfriend so you answered it. "Hey!" You said happily. You two hadn't talked in a while so you guys caught up. You told her all about what happened. She thought you were crazy for going that long without talking. After you hung up and turned around, you saw a sad Louis staring at you.
"She never wants to do anything! We always just sit around the house!" He said, anger in his voice. You overheard him talking to someone.
It's not your fault you would rather cuddle and watch movies than go somewhere! You sighed. You knew you two would have to do something soon, like go out to eat or something. You walked into the living room and looked at Zayn. He even looked mad!
"Let's go out to eat tonight. We can go to that new place you've been wanting to try out. Maybe see a movie afterwards." You said in a rush. You just wanted to make Zayn happy. By the time you two got home you just wanted to cuddle and sleep though.
Two weeks later and you're barely ever home anymore. To keep Zayn happy you two go out everyday. Your poor kitchen has been neglected of use! You didn't want to go out so much anymore! You sighed and walked downstairs. When you saw Zayn he didn't look happy.
"She's so bossy! She's always telling me what to do like she controls me!" He sighed, looking at Niall. You didn't think you were that bossy. You frowned and continued to clean the kitchen. The house was a mess and you were about to ask Liam for a little help but, not anymore. You sighed and moved on to another chore.
"Yeah, she's always telling me to do something! It's seems like she never even does anything, just makes me do it!" He said louder. Did he not realize you can hear or was he doing it on purpose? It was making you so mad! You never do anything!? What were you doing now!? Huh!? Ugh!
Two weeks later and you were physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. You've been working nonstop and picking up around the house. It was very tiring. Liam never onced helped. Not that you bothered asking for his help since you were so bossy! You laid down on the sofa for a minute and closed your eyes. You sighed at the wonderful feeling of relaxing. You hadn't realized you had fallen alseep.

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