One Direction Preferences

Preferences I wrote about One Direction, before Zayn left the band. Also up on my wattpad account and I will be posting them on Quotev and


22. He Hits You During A Fight

"I told you not to go see him!" He screamed at you. "He's my friend, why wouldn't I go see him!" You screamed right back. "No, he's your ex who only wanted one thing from you!" He quickly walks up to you and back hands you. You stood there shocked before you pushed him back as hard as you could and ran into the closest room and sat in front of the door.
It felt like you were in there for hours when you heard a knock on the door. "Sweetheart, please open the door." You open the door and yell "What!" you hadn't realized you were crying until he wiped away your tears. He sat with you apologizing and whispering sweet nothings to you. "At least I know you can fight back."
You both walked in the house and slammed the door. You folded your arms across you chest and watched him. "What." He said coldly. "I know you're mad at me." You stated, rolling your eyes. "Well yeah, you didn't have to start a fight with her!" He yelled. "I wasn't going to let her trash talk you!" You said walking towards him. His face was red with anger as he pushed you back, making you hit your head on the wall. It was silent as you both realized what just happened.
He paled, walking closer to you. "No! Don't come near me!" You screamed and kicked him in the shin when he kept getting closer. He fell and you ran out the door to your friend's house. The next day he showed up at her house apologizing to you. "You've got yourself a hard kick." You laughed and hugged him.
You walked through the door and saw him sitting on the sofa. He looked mad and tense. You walked into the kitchen to start dinner. You were thinking about other things and spilt boiling water on you and the floor. You screamed at the pain. He came in and looked even more mad. He sighed heavily. "Jesus, can't you ever do anything right!?" He screamed at you. "I'm sor-" You were cut off by a pain in your jaw. You looked up and he was gone. You got up and ran into the bathroom. You jumped in the shower and cried.
After you were done, you got into pajamas and laid in bed. Just as you were falling asleep he came in and sat down on the floor beside where you were laying. "I'd say sorry, but, that isn't good enough for what I did to you." You stayed silent. "I was just so stressed and angry and I took it out on you." You leaned towards him and kissed his cheek. "I know you didn't mean it."
His eyes got huge as he looked at your hair. "What did you do?" He asked wearily. You smiled huge. "I dyed it pink." You said happy and played with your bright pink hair. "Why!" You looked up at him and your smile faded once you saw the disgusted look on his face. "You know I can't take you anywhere until it fades out, right?" You looked down and mumbled something. "What?" He asked. "It, um, it's permanent... " You said louder. "What!" He was mad again. "Why would you do this!" He said, grabbing a fist full of your hair and threw you to the ground. He left and you ran upstairs to the bathroom.
You had been leaning over the side of the tub for three hours trying to scrub out the pink, but it wasn't coming out. You had heavy tears mixing in with the water. You heard a sad sigh and a hand on you back. "Kitten, stop, please." You just tried harder, crying harder. He sat next to you. "Please Kitten. I actually really like it." You looked at him. "Really?" You whispered. "Yeah." He said smiling.
You two were wrestling because you said you were stronger than him. He currently had his arm around the front of your neck a little too tight. You knew you made him mad with what you said, but you were just kidding. "Niall, stop, you're hurting me!" You were grabbing at his arm. "I'm stronger than you!" He yelled tightening his arm.
You couldn't breath. He roughly dropped you to the ground. Your throat was red and raw. You were gasping for air, tears coming down you face. You looked up at him scared. "I'm so sorry!" He said holding you. He kissed your tears away, whispering sweet nothings in your ear.

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