One Direction Preferences

Preferences I wrote about One Direction, before Zayn left the band. Also up on my wattpad account and I will be posting them on Quotev and


39. He Hears You Swear For The First Time

You were watching your favorite show while you waited for Harry to get back from the store. The show was getting pretty dramatic and intense. Just as something bad happened the front door oponed and closed.
"No! You stupid asshole! Don't leave her!" You yelled, jumping off the sofa. Harry walked in with a look of shock on his face. You turned bright red and slowly sat down.
"You just said asshole. I can't believe it." He said still in shock.
You and Liam were sitting down talking about your cousin and how she acted around him.
"She's such a bitch!" You said sitting on the sofa. As soon as you were fully sat down, you were attacked and fell back on the sofa. You looked up and saw Liam hovering over you. He leaned down and whispered in your ear.
"Good girls don't swear." Then kissed the side of your neck before getting up and leaving the room.
Your computer had shut down before you could save a class assignment. You had to turn it in by noon the next day!
"Ugh! I fucking hate you!" You yelled at the black computer screen. "Hey hey hey. There's no need for the kind of language, love." Louis said chuckling behind you. He really thought this was funny!?
"Of course not, love. I've just never heard you swear before. It sounded funny." He said hugging you. "You really need to stop talking out loud, love." He said smiling.
You and Niall loved to watch soccer together. That's waht you two were doing now. You were the type of person that had to win. And your team was currently losing.
"Come on you stupid cunts!" You jumped up infront of the television.
"Oh my god! That was the best thing ever! I've never heard you swear before!" Niall was smiling big. You looked at him dumbfounded. Your guys team was losing and he was happy because you swore!
"I love it! You should do it more often." He said before watching the game again.
"You're such a dumbass!" You said through a fit of giggles. You and Zayn were wrestling and he said something that made you laugh really bad.
"I've never heard you swear before." He said getting up on his knees. You thought he was going to yell or be mad. You knew he didn't really like when people swore. You've seen the looks he's given Harry before. It just slipped.
"It's hot though." He said before kissing you.

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