One Direction Preferences

Preferences I wrote about One Direction, before Zayn left the band. Also up on my wattpad account and I will be posting them on Quotev and


5. He Gets Drunk

~Louis- Louis was an excited drunk, and as usual was jittery as he sat in the passenger seat of your car. You had gone to Harrys house warming party and Louis had gotten a bit tipsy.
"Look Y/N! There's rain on the window. How it sticking? Look Y/N!! LOOK!" Louis screeched as he pointed to the window. You laughed as he smushed his face against the glass and watched the rain falling.
You finally got home and carried him like a baby into the house. He flopped on the couch and spread his legs wide.
"You know what Y/N, I feel a bit tired but I wanna watch a movie..." Louis complained as he stared at the ceiling fan spinning overhead.
Harry- Harry was a party animal when drunk, always the life of the party. So Nialls party got Harry a little over excited.
"Karaoke! Come on guys, another round. Party till dawn mother fuckers!!" Harry screamed as he took another round of shots, his voice pitching high at the end of his sentence.
"Harry, watch your language." You whispered in Harry's ear.
"What's that kitty? You want shots too? LOAD EM UP BOYS, WE GOT A WILD ONE!" Harry stated to the fourr highly intoxicated boys as you groaned and went along with it.
Niall- Niall was an emotional drunk. Never knowing what to choose and making problems out of nothing.
You pulled Nialls drunk body onto the dance floor and swayed to the rhythm. You ground your ass into his crotch and heard him sigh. You laughed and faced him. He had a confused look on his face.
"Y/N, what are you doing? I really want pussy tonight but I don't want it yet. I'M NOT READY!" Niall exclaimed loudly, to which atleast 20 people turned and stared.
"Damn, see what you did! Now everyones staring. I hate you! I'm not your friend anymore!" Niall grumbled as he turned his back to you and crossed his arms. He slowly turned back around and faced you.
" But I feel dirty and need a shower. So take me home."
Liam- Liam was a smart drunk. Pulling up stupid random facts that went with his actions.
"Did you know that lime is a citrus?" He questioned as he pulled the lime free of your teeth.
He stumbled over to the couch and petted the fake porcupine on the table.
"Poor porcupine! Having to roll up into a ball when someone walks past!" He wailed and pulled the animal into his chest.
You placed your hand on his inner thigh and felt him stiffen to your intimate touch.
"Did you know that if I had sex with you the same amount of thrusts a second that google is used in a minute, the friction would cause your vagina to catch on fire? And then you could actually say your smoking hot." Liam questioned as he looked at your shocked expression.
Zayn- Zayn was a funny drunk. He cracked jokes about everything, even if it really wasnt that funny.
You got down the stairs and faced Zayn.
"Why the long face sugar? You feeling a little horse? Ahahahaha! See what I did there?" Zayn giggled as he took in your serious look.
"Zayn, remember what happen last time I drove you home? And you tried to break the steering wheel off coz you insisted it belonged with your Wii controller?" You questioned him as a smile spread to his face.
"Sorry, mum. Won't happen again mum!" He sniggered as he stumbled into the car. You hopped into the drivers seat and started the ignition. You got about 1k from your house when you got pulled over for breath testing.
"Evening officer, how are you mate? You look familiar! WERE YOU ON THAT SHOW "FASHION POLICE"? I swear that was you!" Zayn stated as he reached over to shake the policemans hand.

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