One Direction Preferences

Preferences I wrote about One Direction, before Zayn left the band. Also up on my wattpad account and I will be posting them on Quotev and


40. He Forgets About Your Birthday

You've been in such a good mood today. All day your phone has been blowing up with 'happy birthday's from all you friends and family. Even the fans are tweeting you happy birthday! The only person that hasn't said anything about your birthday is Louis. You hope he didn't forget!
You went and sat down next to him on the sofa. He was watching a soccer match. You turned towards him with a bright smile on your face. He didn't turn away from the television. You scooted a little closer.
"Can I help you, babe?" He asked watching the game.
"Do you know what today is?" You asked.
"Of course! It's the final game for football season!" He said as if it was the most obvious thing ever.
You couldn't believe he actually forgot your birthday! You got up and walked into the kitchen looking for something to make for dinner. After a few minutes you heard a quiet "Fuck!" coming from the living room. You felt arms wrap around your waist.
"I'm sorry, Babe. Happy birthday." He whispered in your ear.
You couldn't believe it! Harry forgot your birthday again! He had asked you why people were wishing you a happy birthday!
"How can you seriously forget someone's birthday two years in a row!?" You asked raising you voice.
"We even have it written on the calendar with all the other important dates and holidays!" You said pointing to the calendar hanging on the wall.
"We have a calendar?" He asked slowly.
You rolled your eyes and walked to your bedroom. You laid in bed for what felt like hours before you started to drift off to sleep. You felt the bed dip behind you and a familiar warmth surround you.
"I'm sorry, Pumpkin." Harry whispered, kissing you cheek and cuddling up to you. You turned around and snuggled into his chest.
You were sitting in bed reading a new book you bought a few days ago when Zayn burst into your bedroom panting, and looking at you frantically. He walked up to you repeatedly saying "I'm sorry Boo!".
"Zayn, what is wrong with you!?" You asked setting your book aside.
"I'm so sorry! I forgot today was your birthday!" He said.
You laughed. "It's okay! It's just another day. I'll have plenty more birthdays!" You said.
"I feel bad though." He said looking down.
You lifted his face to look at you. "It's okay baby." You said kissing him.
He kissed back crawling over you to lay on top of you.
"Happy birthday, Boo." He said kissing you some more.
You had just finished getting ready for dinner with your family tonight. They insisted on taking you out for your birthday. You walked downstairs just as Liam came through the front door.
"Why all dressed up?" He asked.
"My family insisted on taking me out to dinner for my birthday." You answered walking out the door.
When you finally got home you went up to your room and changed your clothes. Liam came in with his hands behind his back. He walked over to you and held out his hand. In it was a flat black velvet box. He opened it and inside was a beautiful diamond necklace. You looked up at Liam with your mouth opened.
"Happy birthday, beautiful." Liam said putting the necklace on you.
You got up and started your day off as usual. When you went to work there was a cupcake waiting for you. People were smiling at you. You thought it was kind of weird. You thought people were trying to prank you. When you got home that evening Niall looked guilty of something.
"I'm sorry princess. I forgot today was your birthday!" He said sadly.
You were confused. You went and looked at the calendar to see what the date was. Your eyes got big. You forgot today was your birthday! You walked back to a sad Niall.
"It's okay, babe, I forgot too." You said laughing.

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