One Direction Preferences

Preferences I wrote about One Direction, before Zayn left the band. Also up on my wattpad account and I will be posting them on Quotev and


15. First Kiss

~Niall: He’s really nervous as he leans in to kiss you, he hasn’t kissed many girls before, and he’s worried he’ll do something wrong. You place a hand on his chest and lean into him, feeling his heartbeat fast, under your fingertips. He raises a hand to place on your cheek as your lips brush against each other lightly, and you can taste his hot breath in your mouth.

Harry: He brings you home from your first date, walking you up to your door. You had spent the entire day together, and you didn’t want it to end. Once you reach the doorstep you turn to him, “Today was absolutely fantastic, Harry.” you tell him as he smiles down at you. You put your hands on his shoulders and lean up to quickly kiss his lips, only lingering for a second, before you unlock your door and head inside, feeling happier than ever.

Liam: He waits a long time to kiss you, he doesn’t want to rush into things. After the fourth date, that’s when he finally decides to make a move. You’re at a movie theater, watching a new rom-com that’s just came out. Your eyes start to tear up when the soldier gets home from war, he’s stepping off the train and his girlfriend jumps in his arms. Liam turns to you and puts his hand under your chin, turning your head to face him. He dips in before he can chicken out, connecting his lips with yours. He kisses you softly and deeply, pulling away after a few seconds and smiling at you.

Zayn: You’ve been rivals for quite some time, always at each other’s throats about things. You don’t know why they make the two of you work together, you hate working around him. He’s so arrogant, but sometimes you feel like it’s only some kind of guard he has up, like maybe he’s not like this on the inside, but you push the thoughts out of your head. During a particularly heated argument you push him, causing him to stumble backwards. He’s pissed off, and he pushes you against the wall, his face only inches from yours. “You really wanna do that, Y/N?” he asks you, a bit rhetorically, his breath falling hot on your face. Instead of replying you tangle your hands in his hair and pull him to you, kissing him hard and long. When you pull away you’re both breathing hard, flushed and out of breath. From then on things are quite a bit different between the two of you…

Louis: The two of you have been best friends ever since you can remember, your mothers are close friends and you’ve basically been raised together. Growing up you spent nearly every day with each other, making mudpies outside and playing at the park. As you grew older you stayed close, going out to see new movies at the theater and going to the fair when it was in town. For a few years you had wanted more, more than just a friendship with him. But you didn’t know how to tell him that, you didn’t think he felt that way about you. One evening while you’re sittitng at a bench there at that park where you played when you were younger, he turns to you and says “Y/N, I can’t hide this any longer. I’m in love with you, I have been for years” before you can say anything to him he puts his hands on either side of your face and kisses you passionately, your lips moving in sync. He holds you there while you put your hands on his chest, clutching the soft material of his shirt and pulling him closer to you, hoping he never lets you go.

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