One Direction Preferences

Preferences I wrote about One Direction, before Zayn left the band. Also up on my wattpad account and I will be posting them on Quotev and


13. First Date

~Liam: He checks the mirror one last time before he gets out of the car, straightening his tie. His heart is beating out of his chest as he walks up to the door to pick you up. He knocks on the door lightly and you hurry to answer it, opening the door for him. For a few seconds he doesn’t say anything, he’s mesmerized by the way you look in your dress. “Umm.. Liam? Is everything okay?” you ask him. “Sorry, I just… I… wow. You look absolutely beautiful, Y/N.” he stutters. You blush as he takes your hand and walks with you to the car, heading to the restaurant.

Louis: He takes you to an amusement park, making you ride the roller coasters even though you’re scared. You grab his hand and hold it tight when it goes down the big drop, making you scream. After you try out nearly every ride in the park, you go and grab a snack and head to the games, where he tries his hardest to win you a prize, even though he really sucks at the ring toss. You just laugh and show him how to move his wrist to throw the rings right, and after about ten thousand tries he finally manages to win you the big stuffed bear. He hands it to you, smiling from ear to ear.

Harry: He wouldn’t tell you where you were going, wouldn’t even give you a clue. It made you nervous but kinda excited at the same time. When he pulled up to the park and put the keys in his pocket, he looked over to you and smiled. He opens your door and leads you down a path to a large oak tree with a blanket spread out on the ground beneath it. A large basket sits in the middle of the blanket, and after he motions for you to sit on the blanket, he takes out the food he’s packed inside. It’s the stereo-typical picnic foods, sandwiches and fruits, grapes for you to feed each other…

Niall: Instead of going out to a fancy meal, you decide to spend the evening at his apartment. When he lets you inside he’s wearing tight jeans and a dark hoodie, with a beanie on his head. You blush as he leans down and kisses your cheek, telling you that you look amazing. You head to the living room and there’s box sets of tv shows sitting on the couch, he asks you to pick your favorite. You order Chinese take-out and throw blankets and pillows all over the floor to lay on, and most of the night you don’t pay much attention to the shows, you’re too busy laughing and cuddling with each other.

Zayn: He goes all-out to try to impress you, he wants to make it a night to remember. He takes you out to a fancy restaurant, having set a rose on the table. He takes your jacket and pulls out your chair for you, being quite a gentleman. For the next couple of hours he asks you questions about your family, your job, your college, wanting to get to know you as well as he can that night. After the meal you go for a walk at the local park, watching the stars as you walk hand-in-hand.

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