The Orphan Boy

I've been an orphan since I was very young, I don't remember my parents or anything. All I remember is growing up in the orphanage. I've been abused all of my life and I can't imagine anyone wanting me.


1. Ronnie!

       Being an orphan all your life really sucks, but it helps when you got a friend. My friend's name is Ronnie, he's got long dark brown hair, moss green eye, and tanned skin. We've been friends since I can remember, he's a joker honestly. You couldn't get the kid to stop saying funny shit to save your damn life. He's a temptress to almost everyone, I'm an expection. I'm the only person in the orphanage that he likes and you can't keep us away from each other. "Morning Danny!" Ronnie exclaimed, rolling over in the bed to look at me. I groaned and opened my eyes - giving up on the hope of going back to sleep - "Hey Ronnie." I said, my voice cracking. "Ready to go flirt?" Ronnie asked, "Always." I say, smirking at him. We both roll out of the bed and head to the bathroom, brushing our teeth. Eventually we both run back to the room and I pull on some zebra print skinny jeans. "What no shirt today?" He asked, "Nope." I say, pulling on my black heel boots. Ronnie pulls on some black booty-shorts and a see-through pink tanks top with a black bleeding heart on it. Then he starts looking for shoes. I got to work on my hair. I have dark blue scrillex hair, which I have to tease up. I begin the teasing process as Ronnie continues looking for some shoes.

       Eventually I think my hair looks good, I turn to Ronnie who is pulling on some black converse. "Is this okay?" I asked, "Perfect." Ronnie said smiling, as he began to look through his drawers for something. I put on my base coat of concealer, then liquid powder. Eventually I finish that and I start working on my eyeliner, making it perfect. Finally I get it just right, then I put on black lipstick, and after that I begin putting on black eyeshadow. I get that perfect and begin penciling my eyebrows. Ronnie continued rummaging through his drawers the whole time - but I ignored this for the most part. I put in my snake bites, my tongue ring, my belly button ring, my lower earrings, my upper cartilage earrings, and my septum peircing. My face and hair was perfect - or as perfect as I'll ever get it - I then put on my silver chain necklace and get my black ring with the red ruby gem in the middle. I smiled at myself, my eyes matched my hair and my makeup matches my outfit.

      I look back to Ronnie who was applying his makeup in a smaller mirror he kept in his drawer, it looked great so far. I then turned back to myself and began to perfect my scent. I got it right after a while and I looked back to the Ronnie and he was putting on bright pink lipstick. After he finished doing all that, he pulled his long brown hair into a side ponytail. He stood up and walked over to me. He had penciled in eyebrows and black eyeshadow, along with pink lipstick. "How do I look?" I asked, "Gorgeous." I said, "Thanks babe." He said, smiling. That's another thing about our relationship, we're like girl best friends. We call each other "babe" and things of that nature. I'm honestly too happy for someone who's abused, but it's true. I get abused daily. Ronnie took my hand in his and we headed downstairs, "Before we go out and do some real flirting, why don't you go flirt with Mr. Straight over there?" Ronnie suggested, I giggled and nodded. I walked over to this kid, Nathan. He's got short blonde hair, dark brown eyes, and pale skin. He's skinny and tall. He was in a grey tank top and baggy black jeans. I smiled down at him - as he was sitting on the recliner - "hey there Nate babe." I said, flirtatiously.

       He cast a confused look my way, "What do you want?" He asked, "Oh what? You don't think I'm cute?" I asked, sitting my pretty ass on his lap. My legs hung off the side and I rapped my arms around his neck. "Danny, please not today." He said, "Oh come on baby, just a peck?" I flirted, puckering my lips at him. He scrunched his nose up at me, "I'm not into boys." He said, "Oh really?" I questioned, groping him. He bit his bottom lip and gave me the death stare. The only reason Nate didn't beat me was because Ronnie would end him if he did. I felt Nate getting hard, and kissed down his neck, biting at his spot. He moaned grabbed t my shoulders. I pulled away and said, "I thought you weren't into boys." I said, cockily. Nate blushed and looked away, "S-shut up!" He stuttered, embarrassed and flustered beyond belief. I smirked and pecked his cheek, "Love ya, Mr. Straight." I teased, walking off. "Nice one." Ronnie said, high-fiving me.

      We headed out to the club and I ended up loosing Ronnie around the bar. I found a cute boy though, he has short bright blue hair, spiked up in the front. His eyes are green and he's fairly tanned. I think I'll have a bit of fun with this one!

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