The Orphan Boy

I've been an orphan since I was very young, I don't remember my parents or anything. All I remember is growing up in the orphanage. I've been abused all of my life and I can't imagine anyone wanting me.


5. Kill The DJ

      "Here we are!" Ronnie exclaimed, I almost groaned when I saw where we are. We're at a party at Zander's house. "Ronnie, I'm not in the mood to party." I groaned, "Aww come on, Danny! Give it a chance!" Ronnie exclaimed getting out of the car, I groaned internally. Damnit Ronnie! I got out of the car and followed him to the door, "This is a bad idea." I mumbled, "Lighten up, Danny." Ronnie said rolling his eyes at me. He knocked on the door and Zander answered, "AYE! RONNIE!" He cried, "Yo Zander, I'm here with my bestie, Danny. You remember Danny, right?" Ronnie said, "Yea, I remember the kid." Zander said smiling at me. Zander is tall and buff, he's got jet black hair that is slicked back and a goatee with a handle bar mustache and sideburns, he's also tan and has dark brown eyes. Zander was a giant to me because he was 6"10 and I'm 5"4. Zander let us go inside and I immediately was unamused, it was just a bunch of drunk people yelling at each other over Spanish music. Suddenly Ronnie said, "What the fuck?!" I looked at him and he looked at me, "The fuck is this shit, where's the DJ?" Ronnie shouted, looking around.

       Ronnie suddenly stopped looking and stomped over to the guy, "Play this you fucking idiot." Ronnie said, handing them a Greenday Album from Zander's collection, the DJ played it without hesitation and the song "Kill The DJ" started playing. "Now that's more like it." Ronnie said, walking back to me. "Can you believe that guy? Geez." Ronnie said. "Anyway, who takes Jell-O shots! Danny takes Jell-O shots!" Ronnie exclaims, grabbing me by the wrist and pulling me to the kitchen. "I'm good Ronnie." I say, while he pulls out a tray of them, "Oh come on, not even one?" He asked, pointing as I gawk at the large variety of Jell-O shots, "Okay... Maybe just a few." I say... Long story short I ended up drunk off my ass. "Shit Ronnie, I gotta get home!" I exclaim slurring, "Oh, yea." Ronnie said, how he's sober I have no idea. "Alright, let's go buddy." He says patting my back.

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