The Orphan Boy

I've been an orphan since I was very young, I don't remember my parents or anything. All I remember is growing up in the orphanage. I've been abused all of my life and I can't imagine anyone wanting me.


4. I Need You

       I answered with a "Hello?" And I heard the voice of my best friend, Ronnie. "Hey, Danny! How're you and your new family?" He asked, "Not great." I muttered, tears beginning to well in my eyes. "Are you about to cry?" He asked, sounding worried. "Ronnie, I need to see you, I'm dying here without you." I said, tears making their way down my face. "I'll meet you at the park in an hour." He said, I sniffled, "O-okay." I stuttered. "I gotta go." He said, "O-okay bye." I muttered. I hung up the phone and put in on the floor, I cried harder now. I miss Ronnie so much! After I cleaned myself up I grabbed my phone and went back to my room. They were still sleeping, I quietly went into my suitcase and picked out some clothes. I put on a HelloKitty shirt that was long sleeve, then some tight black jeans, and pink converse to match my shirt. I finally started fixing my hair, after that I perfected my makeup. I hade on my base coat, penciled in my eyebrows, put on some black eyeliner, and shaded out my eyeshadow tints until I got to a nice light pink after the rest. I then put in some pink lipgloss and began perfecting my scent.

       After that I put in my piercings and gave a weak smile to the mirror. All of that took about an hour. I put my phone in my pocket and quietly crept downstairs. My "Mother" was up and sitting in the kitchen, "Where are you going sweetheart?" She asked, "Oh, just going to the park." I said, she smiled, "Oh okay, that's fine." She said, I smiled back at her and said a faint bye, walking out of the house and shutting the door behind me.


       I walked to the park, dragging my feet as the abuse my "brothers" did scarreme horribly. I sighed slightly and looked up, I saw the park, and I saw Ronnie standing in the entrance. I smiled, tears welled in my eyes and I ran to him. When I got to him I immediately hugged him tightly, he gasped a bit as I did it so quickly and kind of out of nowhere. But he put his arms around my back and hugged me too. His hair was in a side ponytail, his makeup was perfect, he was wearing black and grey stripped tights and a long sleeve Metallica shirt. "Oh my god Ronnie! I missed you so much! I'm so glad to see you!" I exclaimed, my heart. leaping with joy. "I missed you too! The orphanage is so boring without you!" He exclaims, patting my back. "So... How's your new family?" Ronnie asked, "I-I... I don't w-want to talk a-about i-it." I stuttered, my smile fading as the memory came back.

      "Hey, babe, what's wrong?" He asked, "I-I.... My two brothers raped me." I said, looking at the ground. "What are their names?! I'll fucking kill those assholes!" He shouted "Derek and Kevin." I said, looking up to him from the ground, "Jones?" He asked, "Yea." I mumbled, "Oh tomorrow they are so gonna get it! We have all our classes with those assholes!" Ronnie said, "I know." I mumbled. "I know what'll bring up your spirits." Ronnie said, smiling at me and grabbing my wrist. He lead me to a car, "Where'd you get that?" I asked, "I bought it with the money I've been saving up, he's nice." Ronnie said, smiling at the red mustang. I got in the passenger side and Ronnie got in the drivier's side. Before I could ask where we were going we were on the intersection. It sure is great to be with Ronnie again.

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