The Orphan Boy

I've been an orphan since I was very young, I don't remember my parents or anything. All I remember is growing up in the orphanage. I've been abused all of my life and I can't imagine anyone wanting me.


2. Friendship Is Awesome

       "Hi there cutie, what's your name?" I flirted, "My name's Brandon." He said, giving me an unamused look, "Why so serious?" I question, smirking. "Look you're cute or whatever, but you aren't really my type." He said, inspecting his nails. "Come on, loosen up." I said, pulling playfully at his tie, "Please, you're so unprofessional." He said, rolling his eyes. "Hun, this is a club, not a business meeting. Chill." I said, "You're so uptight." I said, "ME?! No!" He said. I gave him a "you've got to be shitting me" type look, "I-I'll prove it!" He shouted, he turned to the bartender and demanded Jack Daniels. He got it and started to chug from it, honestly it was kind of impressive. He set down the empty bottle and smirked at me, "Now who's uptight!" He shouted, hiccuping. "Ha, impressive." I said, crossing my arms and nodding. Before I even knew what was going on he tripped on me and landed on top of me, he looked at me for a bit and then kissed me. My eyes widened and he entangled his hands in my hair. I kissed back a bit... But suddenly he was ripped off me and I looked up to see a tall, built boy standing above me.

       He was blonde and tan, with more muscle than me, he was about 6 ft tall and I'm like 5"4! He yanked me up by the front of my shirt and held me up by it, "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?! KISSING MY BOYFRIEND LIKE THAT?!" He shouted, I was wide-eyed and terrified. "YOU LITTLE TWINK! I COULD RIP YOU IN HALF IF I WANTED!" He shouted, he slapped me over and over, then punched me in the stomach, finally he kicked my shins. I closed my eyes and waiting for more, but suddenly I was jerked away from the man's arms. Confused I open my eyes and look behind me to see Ronnie holding me. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" The blonde boy shouted, "I'm protecting my friend you dickhead!" Ronnie shouted, "YOUR FRIEND KISSED MY BOYFRIEND!" The blonde shouted, "Oh please, get over yourself! If Danny kissed him, he wouldn't have got caught. You're slutty boyfriend probably kissed him!" Ronnie shouted, "OH HELL NO!" The blonde boy shouted. Ronnie sat me down on a bar stool, "Gimme a sec." He said, stomping back over to the blonde. I kind felt bad for the blonde at this point....

       They fought and Ronnie fucking destroyed the blonde, he came back over to me and smiled. "I think we should get going." Ronnie said, I smiled and nodded. We walked out of the bar and started back for the orphanage. "I can't believe that happened." I said, looking over at Ronnie, "Yea, I feel better after beating the shit out of that guy." Ronnie said, chuckling slightly to himself. Then suddenly he stopped laughing, he took out his septum piercing and handed me his rings. "Hold my shit, Danny. I got a bitch to beat." He said, walking off. I looking on in confusion when I noticed someone... Mason Habinara, Ronnie's ex. Mason is an asshole, but that's not why Ronnie is going to beat the living shit out of him. It's because Mason stole Ronnie's money, then he spent it on drugs. This was very recent and Ronnie was about to beat Mason to a fucking pulp. I ran up closer and watched Ronnie start telling Mason off. "YOU FUCKING BITCH! I NEEDED THAT! YOU SELFISH FUCKING BITCH! UGLY ASS MOTHERFUCKER!" He screamed.


       So I watched Ronnie beat the shit out of Mason and now we are on our way back to the orphanage. We get back at around 3 in the morning and snuck into bed, giggling. "You're an idiot." I giggled, "Please, I was owning bitches." Ronnie said, "Goddamn Ronnie, can you get along with anyone?" I asked, "I get along with you, dipshit." Ronnie giggled, "OH ONE PERSON!" I joked, smiling back it him. "You're a dork!" I cried, "NO! You're the dork, dork!" Ronnie giggled. "Come on kid, we gotta get some sleep." He said, smiling and ruffling my hair, "Alright." I said, giggling. We rolled over and I stayed up until about 3 in the morning until I finally passed out.

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