The Orphan Boy

I've been an orphan since I was very young, I don't remember my parents or anything. All I remember is growing up in the orphanage. I've been abused all of my life and I can't imagine anyone wanting me.


3. Don't Let Go

       I woke up the the head of household yelling for us all to get dressed. I groaned and rolled over. I pulled on some zebra print skinny jeans, a nice sparkly belt, and a really tight black tank top. I then slipped on black heel boots with bullets lining the side. I then began working on my eyeliner, making my way to a good smokey eye, then some black lipstick, and finally I pencil in my eyebrows. After that I perfect my scent, then finally I start teasing my hair. I put in my piercings, rings, and locket. After I finish I look over to Ronnie, he had on a very short pink dress, knee high pink boots, and his hair was in pigtails. "EVERYONE DOWNSTAIRS!" The head of household yelled, me and Ronnie immediately headed down. All the orphans were gathered together and beside the head of household was two people, a man and a woman. The man was dressed casually and the woman was dressed very warmly. "Children, this is Mr. Jones and Mrs. Jones" The head of household spoke, "They are looking to adopt." She added. I zoned out, I never get adopted, so why would now be different? It wouldn't. Then suddenly their eyes were on me, "Awww look honey, he's like a little rock star!" The woman said, smiling at me.

       I awkwardly smiled at her as he husband looked at me, "Yes ma'am. Tell me about this one." The woman said, calling the head of household over to me. She smiled and said, "Ah yes, Danny." And lead them back to the "office", the woman took my hand and lead me with them as well. It was weird, because no adult ever looks at me happily. They all sat down and I followed. She told them everything, even my sexual preference. They smiled through it all, "So what'll it be?" She asked, "Consider the papers signed." The man said, smiling at his wife. Oh... Oh no! NO! Ronnie! OH MY GOD RONNIE! They signed the papers, as I sat in shock and fear. The woman took my hand and lead me outside, "Go get your things, Danny." She said, I nodded slowly and ran to my room. Ronnie was sitting on our bedand I began to quickly pack, "So?" He asked, "They adopted me..." I said slowly, "Ronnie began crying and quickly sprung up, hugging me. "I'll mis you." I whispered, "You have my number, I promise.... I'll text you everyday." He said, he pulled back and kissed my forehead, "Stay strong, Danny." Ronnie whispered, as I grabbed my suitcase.

       "I'll see you again one day." I whispered, letting go of Ronnie's hand as I turned to the door. My head hung low as I walked out and down the stairs. I looked at my new parents and silently cursed them. We got in the car and it was just us, it was a silent ride. I stared out the window and used all my willpower to keep from sobbing. God I hate myself for my emotions. The car stops in front of a big warm looking house. We all get out and they take me inside, they show me to my room which I share with two other boys. The woman told me the boys would be back in about an hour. I nodded and smiled, she left and I sat on the bottom bunk of the bunk bed. I put my suit case in the corner of the room, next to the closet door. I then sat back down on the bed and sighed, I miss Ronnie.

      After a while I heard the door open and looked to see two boys, around my age. They both smiled and walked in, closing the door behind them. One is very tall and one is average height. I am shorter than both of them. One has long dark blue hair to match his eyes, it's in a scene fashion. The other had black hair, it's long and slicked back and unlike his shorter brother he has dark brown eyes. They both are pale and slim like me, but the tall one with dark hair is muscular. "I'm Derek." The one with dark hair said, "I'm Kevin." The one with blue hair said. "I-I'm D-Danny." I nearly whispered, looking at them. "You're our new brother then huh?" Kevin asked, "Y-yea... I g-guess I a-am." I stuttered, they both smiled at me and sat down on either said of me. I thought nothing of this, until the Kevin put his hand on my upper thigh. I quickly snapped my head to him, "W-What are you doing?!" I asked quickly, panicked. "Oh please, you probably like it, you fucking fag." Derek snapped, "Now give big brother a kiss." Derek said, forcing my to his lips. Oh god, please no!


       I lay on the floor, curled up in a ball. I've been raped by my "brothers". I felt scared, hurt, and lied to. I felt like I could be a little happy, but no. I cried myself to sleep that night.


       I woke up to my phone ringing, I answered it and ran to the bathroom. I shut and locked the door.      

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