Living with the Bad Boy!

A girl called Bella aged 17 moves in with the school bad boy Niall Horan. What will happen? Will they fall in love or with there differences come between them?


1. Moving in with the bad boy

Authors note; I don't really know how to start this and i have never done one of these stories before. So you will have to bare with me because this is my first fan fiction. I may take a while to get started but after i do it will be great (i hope) My spelling and my grammar isn't great i know that so if you spot and mistakes don't bother telling me because the odds are i already know. 

Right now i am packing up most of my clothes and some other stuff, like my make up, all my hair stuff, some homework (i don't plan on doing because its summer!) and anything i will need for the beach. My mum and my dad are going on a work trip to Africa so i'm going to stay with one of mums work friends, i think her names Maura, or something like that. I only have a few friends but i am planning to have the best summer ever, yes i have to admit i am a bit of a nerd but outside of school i am wild. 

I loaded all my stuff into the my car and followed the directions my mum had gave me to Maura's. They left for Africa yesterday i guessed they trusted me enough to spend one night on my own to get m stuff together. Once i arrived at the house it was huge and beautiful, i couldn't wait to see what the inside looked like. I knocked on the large wooden door and waited for someone to open it. Suddenly the door swung open revealing a perfect blonde boy with dripping wet hair and a towel wrapped around his torso. There were tiny droplets of water on his towned chest . As he spoke i released that i had been drooling over him for about five minutes now. 

"Now that you have finshed checking me out could i ask who you are and what the fuck do you want."

Shit. "um... i'm living here for the summer, your mums expecting me." i said blushing like mad and looking down at the floor.

"oh... mum said about a guest but i did'nt know it was going to be a hot one! I'm Niall by the way." he said eyeing me up and down. 

Shit, it was Niall Horan the hottest boy at school, not to mention that he is a fuckboy and a bully. 

I walked inside with my suitcases and it was just as beautiful on the inside than it was on the outside.

"I'm Niall by the way." he said showing me to my room.

"I'm Bella"

"Well Bella this is your room, I'm just down the hall if my door is shut don't come in without knocking" he said with a smirk

"I will keep that in mind" I said laughing sitting on my bed.

"See you at dinner then Bell."

I smiled at the cute nickname. This is going to be a long summer.




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