Living with the Bad Boy!

A girl called Bella aged 17 moves in with the school bad boy Niall Horan. What will happen? Will they fall in love or with there differences come between them?


2. Dinner

I started to unpack all of my stuff and after a few hours i was done, i was so hungry and i knew dinner would be soon. I decided to change into something more comfortable as i am a very lazy person. It was around 6ish and the summer air was filling my room so i wanted to wear something that would keep me cool. I decided to wear my Nike shorts and a black crop top, i did my hair in a messy bun then made my way down stairs. 

"hello luv, dinner is almost ready." bobby said 

"it smells lovely, what are we having?" i said helping Maura set the table.  


"mmm... my favorite" 

After finally setting the table Maura called Niall. I looked up and released he was shirtless. I blushed and tried not to look at him but he all ready noticed i was looking and smirked. 

"Niall could you please but a shirt on hunny, with have guests i dont want bells her feeling uncomfortable." 

Shit... could this get any more awkward! i am now bright red. 

" Mum i'm getting one chill." he said picking a shirt from the basket of clean laundry and sat down next to me. 

Bobby and Maura started asking me loads of questions about myself as they don't really know me that well. 

"So Bella, whats your plans for the future." bobby asked me 

"We i want to go to collage and study drama and then hopefully become a drama teacher or maybe even an actress" 

"Wow, that]s amazing your parents must be really proud, Niall you could lean a lot from this young lady she has very high goals" Maura said 

"Ye, i'm sure" Niall said winking at me. 


After dinner i went upstairs to shower as Niall was helping to wash up. I hopped into the shower and started singing, after i had washed my hair i got out and wrapped a towel round me. I then began shaving my legs, after a minute or two i heard 

"Wow...nice legs" 

it was Niall. 

"Niall what are you doing cant you see someones in here! Get out!" 

"This is my bathroom to you know" he told me. 

"I know but i'm shaving!" 

"Ye i can see that" he said looking me up and down. 

"get out you pervert" 

"Ok i'm going." he said walking out the door and i slammed it behind him. 

As i'm about to start again he comes in and goes "nice legs by the way" and winks

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