Skinny Love| Book One

"I thought we had, something special.." "You thought wrong."


1. Childhood memories, Prologue

I looked through the pictures in my hand one by one, it was a photo of me and i missed her so much, Jennifer was my best friend from kindergarden. we would always do everything together, she was simply the best friend i could ever ask for. I miss her smile...her everything was alright until i had to move into another state, which meant i could never see Jennifer ever again. i was really close to her..she made me feel alive and happy, i'll take a bullet for her anytime any day. and my heart broke when i saw a tear fall from her cheek, when me and my family finished saying our goodbyes. that was the last time i saw her, every night i would cry and pray to god to just be with her. and those days turned into months and years, i've in high school, have a girlfriend, and three best friends, Calum, Michael, and Ashton. i've been happy ever since that all of a sudden i forgot about Jennifer, she slowly had faded from my mind and i was happy about it...the more i had thought of her the more depressed i'll get. my girlfriend,Riley. has just been supportive about it, and i love her so much for that. but then again things came crushing down when i saw a familiar brunet with the amazingly beautiful smile, walk straight into the school..all eyes on the girl as she ran up to me and hugged me. the addictive smell of perfume as she break the hug to look into my eyes and hugged me one more time, while whispering in my ear 
"I missed you."

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