The Teacher

Kel..a new girl finds love with her math teacher but what will happen when they fall even harder and run into mistakes and maybe new people



Once the bell rang Luke shot up and closed the door

"Why did u close the door?" I asked looking at him

"Well its the end of the day so i wanted to stay with u and be naughty" he said winking and lifting me off of the desk and on the bean bags

He looked at me and i nodded

He started to kiss me deeply and without breaking the kiss he pulled down my pants and my shirt came flying off

Then i pulled off his shirt and pants when i reached for his boxers he pulled my panties down as i did to him

"You can keep your bra on if u want" luke said

I noddd and he pulled himself into me he started to thrust and i moaned loudly

As we reached to an end he went down and stated to lick everything cleaning up his mess

I got up and we put our clothes on once we heard screaming in the hall

"What was that " Luke asked running out of the room with me following

When we got out we found.......


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