The Teacher

Kel..a new girl finds love with her math teacher but what will happen when they fall even harder and run into mistakes and maybe new people


3. the date

"Okay class sit down"Mr.Hemmings said over the screaming people and the people making out in the corner

"Meet our new student Kel will somebody show her around campus this weekend and maby i could show her around Australia"he said winking

When i looked up there was a group of popular girls looking at me with a mad expression on there face i just looked down and started to draw Mr.Hemmings

His deep blue eyes and the smile that brings out his dimples ahhh hes so hot


The bell rang i gathered my things and looked around and i was the last one in here

As i got up to leave i felt a a hand on my shoulder and sat me back down again i turned to see Mr.Hemmings smiling at me

"Can i ask u something befor u leave?"

I looked into his deep blue eyes reminded me of the ocean

"Sure Mr.Hemmings what's up?" I asked as he sat on my desk

"Please call me Luke" he said

"Okay what is it...Luke?"

"Could i maby u know take u out on-in a um can i take u out in a date?"

He looked down at his hands feeling embarrest asking out on of his students

I looked at him in shock then i finally said "YES that would be awesome!!"

He looked up happy "Awesome i will pick u up at 6:30

All of a sudden i feel his hands grab my butt and put me on the desk kissing me deeply

He pulled away when he heard his friends come in laughing and saying"U finally grew a pair and asked her!!"

I looked at Luke and asked how he knew them

He turned to me and said"Im a sub for 3 months so these here are my best buds,Cal,Ash,and Michael"he said pointing at every guy

They all waved at me

The boy named Calum looked up from his phine and jumped back

"Dude shes hotter than u said"Calum said looking at me and back at Luke

"Ya and shes mine"Luke said chuckling


"Well i better get to class" i said

Luke kissed me goodbye and he said "so i will see u at 6:30"

I nodded and went to my locker

Sorry guys its late i just want to thank you for all of the support and i am surprised that i haven't gotten hate mail on this story thank u for not hating and thats it for today



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