The Teacher

Kel..a new girl finds love with her math teacher but what will happen when they fall even harder and run into mistakes and maybe new people


6. date night

When we ran out of the classroom me and Luke looked at the girl with blood all over her hands and back at eachother

"Im going to go get help" one of the teachers said i ran to the girl realizing it was Chy one of the popular girls she was pregnant and i guess she had a miss carriage that is what the nurse told me and Luke

"Soooo....about that date?"Luke said i just looked at him worried

"Oh no no im not canceling i just want to take u now,r u im ur bra and underware?"Luke asked wrapping his arms around me

"Yes i do"i said sounding more like a question

"Good"he said grabbing me and taking me to his car

"Where r we going Luke?"i asked as we drove

"Shhh its a secret" he said placing his hand on my higher thigh

As we stopped my eyes widened

It was beautiful he took me to a beach

"Now u have a bad taste in clothing"Luke said looking up and down my body

"Hey" i said offended

"Its okay i can make u look better" he said smirking

He started to rip off my clothes till i was in my bra and underwear

"Now lets go for a swim "he said winking it was like 10:00PM my parents past away so i live alone

"Okay"i said getting out of the car

Srry for the short chapters there is another date coming up next edit so the people that gave me some tips on that date i will use i am going to make another book called Becoming Famous With Luke Hemmings so check that out after this book i will update next weekend thanks for helping and not being haters LOVE U ALL AND SHIP CAKE MUKE LASHTON MASHTON and others i cant think of now but SHIP THEM ALL!!!!

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