The Teacher

Kel..a new girl finds love with her math teacher but what will happen when they fall even harder and run into mistakes and maybe new people


7. car crash

As we were walking to the beach I saw that nobody was here

As I got closer to the ocean I saw a little set up

It was a table with candles and pizza on it

"Here we are" luke said as I sat down

"How did u know?I asked

"I asked your Friend Chy she said that this was your dream date and then she helped me out with the set up"He said as I crammed a slice of Pizza in my face

"Well this is amazing"i said as we finished

30 mins later

Kel's pov

Me and Luke decided that we would swim

"Do you know how to surf?"he asked looking at me

"Yea and you?"

"Yea maybe we can tomorrow but I have a question for u now" he asked as we walked along the beach

"Yea what is it?" I asked as we stopped

"Do you maybe I dont know want to be my girlfriend?"he mumbled to himself but I heard it clearly

"Yes!"i said a little exited

"Great well maybe we should start to head home?"he asked looking at his phone

It was 10:00 pm

"Yea lets go"i said

I got in the passenger seat and Luke was driving

All I remember was me and Luke holding hands and he was talking to Calum on the phone while I was sleeping I couldnt really hear because I was sleeping

*phone conversation* Luke Pov

Calum:"hey man how was it?"

Luke:Amazing now we are heading back home and Kel is asleep"

Calum:"Ashton get over here we are talking to Luke


"Calum what was that?!?!?" I asked a little scared

"Owwwww"was all I heard and the phone went dead


I was worried and I guess that I wasnt paying any attention to the road because I saw headlights and it all went black


Soooo srry I didnt write in a while I was reading amazing storys I am reading one now called "The exchanged student"check it out guys its amazing

And who ever wrote that plz message me plz I want some advice and all of the other amazing writers plz message me to I need more ideas

Love u all thanks

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