Jumped by a vampire

Hi, my name is Lacey and I was jumped by a Vampire. I'm not on about sparkly, touchy feely, everyone wants to be a vamp vampire I'm on about the hard, shit your pants truth. Vampires do exist, some will want to eat you, some might want to keep you as a pet or some might just lock you in a room and try to brain wash you, oh you thought they just wanted a meal? Ha! Not all of them. This is my story of how I learned the 'bloody' truth, the good, the bad but, huh, never the ugly?


3. Struggle

A sharp pain penetrated down my body. The silky red dress started tearing around my thigh as I was thrusted to the floor. I waited for more pain to come, the now familiar stabbing pain that penetrated the skin but it never came. I slowly opened my eyes and only then realised that I’d had them clenched closed.

I peeked out to see the gorgeous chisled face of Grey and noticed his concerned gaze searching my face. “Well hi Mr Grey, I thought this kind of thing only happened in books”.

He lifted me up to standing letting me put all of my weight on him. My eyes scouted the room quickly but the other two guys were no-where to be seen. “It normally takes a few more dates to get my dress ripped off”.  Grey automatically looked down and smiled to what I thought maybe a blush.

He moved me quickly out the room and as we walked down to what I now knew as ‘my’ room I caught a glimpse of a broken bloody nose belonging to that of the dark haired guy.

Inside the room he basically lifted me onto the bed and went to the wardrobe “So beautiful, what would you feel more comfortable in, another silk number?” He turned and winked at me. “Well handsome I think you’ve seen quiet enough of me to last you at least a few more hours. Got something a little less revealing?”.

He chucked over a top and some wet look leggings. Despite its low back it was still more covering. I got up and started to move the strap off my shoulder and realised Grey had not looked away. “So just because you save my life, again you think you deserve some perve time? I don’t think so handsome” He chuckled and held his stare for a few more seconds but then turned, slowly.

I finally felt more relaxed, though I realised that was just ridiculous. I’d been jumped and attacked, knocked out more times than I could count and then almost attacked again, how could I feel comfortable? Maybe it was this gorgeous bloke in front of me. “Why do you stay here?”

He moved to my side and sat down with his hand on my thigh. “It’s a long story, one that I think should be saved for another day, maybe I’ll tell you, if you can manage to keep out of trouble”. He kissed me on the forehead.

“I’ll be waiting a long time then” I giggled. 

We sat in silence for a while. He hadn’t moved his hand from my thigh but finally moved it to lay it across my hand. “Am I ever going home?” I said with a quivering lip and tears building and blurring my eyes. He said nothing but gently squeezed my hand.

“Try to get some rest” He cooed as he rose to leave. I wanted to reach out and never let go, let his comforting, built arms wrap firmly around me, to comfort me and tell me everything was going to be ok. He had become quickly the only thing that was holding me together.

I finally let my walls down as realisation hit like a ton of bricks, holding me down. Quick sand demanding my legs, it seemed the more I struggled the more I sank into the dark suffocating, unknown abbis.

I let him leave and after the door clicked behind him I let the tears spill over and crawled up into the fetal position, releasing everything that id been guarding with sarcasm and hatred. I cried for my home, my mum, dad and my boyfriend that all seemed so far away. I cried until there were no tears left to cry. I became silent and empty as I let my heavy, puffy, dried up eyes the rest they craved.


The flickers of rainbow light intruding through the curtains played with the dust in the air, it was mesmerising as I stirred. I moved to the window and looked out for the first time and was aghast from what lay before me. The most beautiful, biggest garden I have ever seen backed onto a sea of fields that lay so far out there were no signs of any other houses.

I realised that id hardly taken any notice of when I was shown around, I was too interested in trying to find a way to escape to appreciate what I was looking at. Curiosity now building inside of me I changed quickly and practically crashed into Grey as I sped through the bedroom door.

“Well, good morning to you too” He chuckled as he put his hand on my arms and picked me straight up with what seemed no effort at all, I blushed as he put me down. “And where are we off to in such a hurry?”  

I composed myself quickly “I am going for a walk” I said confidently as I continued around him.

He turned and followed “So where are we walking to then beautiful?”  He caught up quickly and grabbed my arm and linked it through his.

 “We?” I grinned at him “I don’t remember inviting you”. I continued walking down the long corridor.

“Ouch, baby that hurts. Am I not entertaining enough?” He said with puppy dog eyes.

“Well….” I left him hanging as we descended the stairs. At the bottom he grabbed me and flung me over his shoulder. “What the hell are you doing?” I gasped as he started into a smooth jog with his hand strategically positioned on my ass.

“Showing you how fun I can be”

I noticed we were outside as I continued to fidget to try to get out of his grasp then out of nowhere he grabbed me and just flung me backwards.

The water engulphed my body quickly as the shock made me gasp a big inward breath that filled my lungs with chlorine water. I splashed to the surface and chocked as I squirmed for the side of the pool.

He would not stop laughing as I could only imagine how not hot I looked while I spluttered everywhere. “I can’t breathe” I coughed out and his humoured face began to change to worry as he moved to the side of the pool. He leaned down and put his hand on my shoulder.

I quickly took my opportunity and moved my hand to his as if I needed his help and clung with all the strength I had and pulled him in with me.

Water splashed everywhere and he couldn’t wipe the look of surprise of his face when he submerged.

“What?” I said stubbornly. “You might be stronger than me but I’ll always take you down with me” I smiled as he splashed water in my face.

He jumped back out the pool with one swift move and It was like my whole body was made out of rock. I stood there still in the pool unable to move, like a statue with my eyes glued to his chisled abs that were pulsating through his wet shirt. Seriously it was like the moment in Jane Austen’s Pride and prejudice., ‘Hello Mr Darcy’ you could make out the lines of his 6 pack from a mile away.

I managed to move my eyes up to his smirking face, the side smile that could make any girl faint with his chin dimple and I never noticed just how blue his eyes were. I wanted to shake it off and put a fist in his cocky grin but his eyes, it was like the turquoise ocean that you can only find in the most exotic locations, the ones you’ve never been too but always dreamed of going.

“I don’t mean to interrupt” said the giggler. I rolled my eyes, hell yes she was interrupting and I thought it was just me but Grey seemed to look, well I couldn’t quiet work it out. Annoyed? Frustrated? Sad even.

“Oh not to worry, it’s what you do best” I spat sarcastically as I moved to the side of the pool. Grey met me and helped me up, for a moment are bodies slid past each other and I got tingles all over. I reluctantly continued past him.  


“So I should really know your name as annoying is a bit too obvious?” I huffed behind her not wanting to leave my dream hunk.

“It’s Sara” She said with clear frustration in her voice.

“O.K. Sara, do you mind telling me where were going?” She stopped abruptly looking me over. Then she changed direction and stopped outside my room.

“You need to change first”

I looked down at myself still dripping on the floor and quickly jumped into my room in search of a towel. Sara sat on the end of my bed and waited.

As I emerged from the en suite bathroom she barely raised her head. “What is wrong with you, your usually much more irritatingly happy?”.

She moved fast to my side and looked me straight in the eyes. “It is time for you to be tested. Be strong and don’t give up, it is the only way” she took my shoulders and shook them, her grip was so tight as her nails scrapped my skin. “Do you hear me? Do not give in to him, no matter what he says or does”.

I was completely confused “What are you on about?” I had no time for an answer as two other girls burst through the door.

“There you are. It’s time”. They walked over and grabbed me, dragging me out of the room and into the direction of the master’s office.

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