Jumped by a vampire

Hi, my name is Lacey and I was jumped by a Vampire. I'm not on about sparkly, touchy feely, everyone wants to be a vamp vampire I'm on about the hard, shit your pants truth. Vampires do exist, some will want to eat you, some might want to keep you as a pet or some might just lock you in a room and try to brain wash you, oh you thought they just wanted a meal? Ha! Not all of them. This is my story of how I learned the 'bloody' truth, the good, the bad but, huh, never the ugly?


4. Hollow

As I was forced through the door to the office the master was sat behind his desk. A chill that worked its way up my spine shuddered down my arms. He waved the others away with a flick of his hand.

This time I took Sara’s advice and said nothing, keeping my gaze to the dark brown carpet following the black patterned swirls.  The door behind me clonked close and I could hear low voices, one male and one female exchanging loud muffled noises.

I risked a peak through my hair and the master was just staring at me. “What no witty remarks today?” he teased repugnantly. I looked down immediately and stayed quiet, the now mild bruising on my neck suddenly throbbing with the memory.

“Do you know why I picked you?” he asked while moving up from his chair. I risked flashing another look towards him, this was all I’ve ever wondered. I just assumed I was random as if he’d known what a pain in the ass I was he would have known that I would never fit into his sick and twisted life here. “I picked you because you can be broken”.

My eyebrows rose into a cross and confused expression.

“You wreak of hope and truth but you are fragile beneath this façade”. He moved circling around me like a stalking big cat before it jumped on its prey. “It… you, can be broken”.

I could feel the anger manifesting within my body, as if it started at my feet it was building inside me, working its way slowly to my mouth as my restraint for speaking was slowly fading away.

He stopped in front of me. “Moulded” he said as he stroked my bare arm with his rough, course hands. It felt wrong, it sent a shiver down my spine but not the good kind, the kind when you hear nails on a chalk board. Your whole body shies away. I couldn’t take it anymore, the building had worked all the way up and as I shivered moving away from his touch I whispered at first.

“How dare you” I looked up demanding his eyes. Locking onto them I continued more explosively “How dare you tell me that’s why you chose me”.

 He looked confused and I smiled in satisfaction. “You chose me because you can ‘break’ me. How can you do that when you’re already the most broken man/vamp that ever existed? You have to kidnap people and brainwash them just to stay and what? Love you?” I crossed my arms and tutted for dramatic effect.

The look he gave me stunned me in my place. His eyes bore into mine, his eyebrows scrunched together in the middle and his mouth a hard jagged line with gleaming white points emerging. The setting sun that invaded the room bounced off those fangs making them appear deadly sharp, it also gleamed off of his scar making him look like the most deadly predator.

I stiffened awaiting the cold hand on my throat once again but it did not come. Instead he composed himself, he adjusted to a more gentlemanly stance to which only then I realised he had been hunched and had a gleam in his eye, almost excitement? It confused me.

“Please co-operate with what I’m about to ask of you. I wouldn’t want to use force” his crooked, one sided smile betrayed his words. “Follow me” he stated as he turned and moved behind his desk to open a door that I had never noticed until now.

I reluctantly followed.

As I was submerged through the door, It was like I was in a stereotypical vampire movie and I was walking through his castle. Dark and damp surrounded me and the walls shimmered in the dim light like they were sweating. I shuffled quickly trying not to touch them as they began to close in.

At the end of ‘corridor’ there was another door. The door was huge, cast iron bolts held it in place, mixed with the flaking rust it too looked like it was sweating but sweating the blood of those who walked through its iron grip.

As the master opened the door it moaned with sharp twangs of groans. Peering inside over the master’s shoulder I noticed just one chair in the middle of the small dark room. My heart sunk as the only possible scenario jumped into my head. Suddenly realisation hit me like a mountain of dirt as I lay in an empty grave. I’m going to die here.

I thought about running but before I could tell my body to move he grabbed my arm with his hand, so hard that my skin prickled with pins and needles beneath his grip. He moved me with ease to the chair and quickly sat me down. He pulled my hands around my back and held them there with just one. I heard clinking and soon felt the freezing touch of metal around my wrists.

His grin was so big that it gripped my very soul. He began edging backwards to the door and before shutting me in left me with one thought “Don’t fall asleep”.

The big door groaned again submerging me into darkness. The fear grasped my body quickly and my brain automatically forgot his last warning and focused on my eyes trying to adjust to the darkness around me.

A stench of what smelled like a mix between decaying rust, animal filth and the burning sweet scent of gone off chicken played with my nose making my head spin.

I felt so vulnerable without being able to fasten my arms around me so I tried to move my knees up protectively but the chair was small with no room for my feet to perch.

Despite seeing that there was nothing in the room before he locked me away my eyes began to play tricks as darkness upon darkness began to turn into shapes. I wanted to close my eyes and pretend it was all a dream but my lids were nailed up and my eyes darted back and forth from shape to shape.

What do you want from me?” I cried out as the paralyzing fear turned to anguish.

Time was unmeasurable in the blackness, I didn’t know how long had passed but I had become almost catatonic from the silence and the never ending hole that was quickly becoming my subconscious.

I jolted my head up as I heard footsteps. A plan emerged in my head. I gripped the chair with my body and tried to move. I thought if I could get behind the opening of the door I could try to trip him as he entered. He wouldn’t be down for long so I would have to manoeuvre quickly, pushing my reflexes to their limit.

All the hope that had leaked into this endless abyss drained back out again as when I lifted the chair the chain pulled against my wrists dropping me back into place. They must be attached to the floor I thought as I sunk into dismay. 

The door screeched open and a sharp light stung my eyes. I had to blink like 10 times before I could even hold them open despite squinting I still couldn’t adjust to see who was standing before me.

The shadow moved closer to me and held my chin, a small hand that smelled like strawberries that flashed me back to those hot summers where we used to go strawberry picking with my mum and dad. I would get so hot in the sun that half the time I just sat in amongst the plants picking and eating them then and there, red stickiness dribbling down my chin.

The person cupped my chin and brought a glass to my lips. I eagerly gulped the cool tasting water down my dry crisp throat and let out a sigh that escaped my lips as I finished. They moved around me and fiddled with the chains. One hand was let free, while the other was moved to my front still bound. The person beckoned in a soft, feminine voice for the other hand she had freed.

“Please” I said wearily still straining to see her face. “Please, let me go”.

She said nothing more and chained my other hand again this time allowing my hands to stay at my front. She moved away then shortly came back putting something in my hands and dropping something down next to me that clanged as it collided with the hard stone floor.

She moved away again but not in the direction of the door. Another light shot in like a pointing laser, small and round. She then hurriedly left leaving the laser beam lighting very dimly the room around me.

I looked down at my hands she had given me an apple. I brought it greedily to mouth my as my stomach growled in response. While chewing I blinked a few more times taking in my surrounding once again. She had placed a bucket next to me and I wondered what it was for, then grew a flush within my cheeks as I realised.

How am I meant to pee in that, I thought to myself. I stretched my legs out in front of me and after finishing the apple slid my hands underneath my bum cheeks. I’d had pins and needles in them for a while now. I brought my hands away and looked at the chain that bound me. It had seemed so tight when they were behind my back and now more rein.

I hovered over the chair for a moment then took the plunge. I stood straight and my bones cracked in defiance at the movement. I had a lot more freedom to move now. I was almost able to touch the wall where the light intruded in.

I stretched my hand out as far as I could to try to touch but I could quite reach.

At that moment, a sharp pain penetrated my mind. An agonising sting like a wasp was stuck in my brain, stinging over and over. I crumpled to the floor in agony unable to hold the heaviness of my head any longer.

Flashes of my family swept over my eyes, all of my worst nightmares coming to life as I watched my family being slaughtered right in front of me. I cried out in frustration and shock as there was nothing I could do to stop it.

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