Jumped by a vampire

Hi, my name is Lacey and I was jumped by a Vampire. I'm not on about sparkly, touchy feely, everyone wants to be a vamp vampire I'm on about the hard, shit your pants truth. Vampires do exist, some will want to eat you, some might want to keep you as a pet or some might just lock you in a room and try to brain wash you, oh you thought they just wanted a meal? Ha! Not all of them. This is my story of how I learned the 'bloody' truth, the good, the bad but, huh, never the ugly?


2. Awake

I had never experienced a headache like it. A pounding on the side of my brain, drumming into my ear. A melodic thud like when you stand too close to the speaker in a club and you've had far too much to drink.

For a moment I forget about what had happened and as I shifted in my bed I brought the covers up close to my chin and let out a heavy groan and sigh.

Giggling sturs my happy slumber and as I start to tear my eyes open to the light that invades my dream I remember.

I shoot up, sitting quickly which gives me a fresh wave of throb through my skull. Another giggle and I've just about had enough. 'What the bloody hell are you laughing at?' I say from the protection of the big bed. The girl that I now lay my eyes on does not respond. 'I asked you a fucking question!' I look sternly at her with the best death stare I can muster at this time.

She quickly stands and comes over to me still giggling away and mumbles something I cannot understand. 'Oh great' I say as I roll my eyes. ' Can you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?' I patronise as I make every syllable last as long as possible.

It's only at this point after being bored by the non speaking English girl do I realise what I am wearing. 'Oh hell no!'

I stomp over to the mirror on the other side of the room and look down at the awful sight of myself. "Who dressed me?". I look down again but this time run the flowing red silk through my fingers. It was so figure hugging and although it felt nice on my skin I would never have chosen to wear it.

I just get more giggles and by this point I've just had enough. As she turns her back I pick up the candle stick and hold it high above my head with every intention to swing but she turns before I can let gravity do the work with no more laughter she simply says "The master will see you now". She turns and walks out the room pausing at the door waiting for me to follow.

As I walked through the hallway following the beautiful olive skinned girl that could apparently speak English after all I notice the many, many outlines of stain marks where frames once hung. The hallway seemed to go on forever and although my brain was still a little hazy I tried to take mental notes of where I was going and any possible escape routes.

We finally stopped outside a heavy oak door. The girl looked me straight in the eye and whispered "you do not speak unless your spoken to, do not look him directly in the eye and if you want to keep your life under no circumstance must you..." The door swung open before she could finish. I didn't speak a word as she scampered but my eyes screamed of the irony. I turned to be greeted by a very young looking man, a very young, handsome man.

He showed me inside and I instantly broke one of the girls rules. My eyes met his imediatley and lingered for as long as he met my gaze and held me there.

"You will find everything you need here, this is your home now. Please make yourself comfortable and if there is anything you need speak to Grey here" He pointed the the handsome guy and I looked at him with a death stare that seemed to make him shift where he stood. I turned It on my capture while contemplating the warning of rules but id never been good with rules.

"You have got to be kidding me, I don't know what the hell your playing at here but you seem to have plenty of girls to keep you company for whatever sick and twisted game your playing" I start off loud and aggressive but the desperation soon leaked into my voice "Please, just let me go".

"Impossible" was all he mumbled as he beconned Grey to his side. The exchange conversation back and forth while just ignoring me. "Hellooooo? If you hadn't noticed I'm not one for boredom and right now you are boring me" I tapped my foot for effect.

The moment the last word left my mouth I regretted not taking the 'not to speak unless your spoken to' seriously as he moved to my side with more speed than humanly possible, gripped his hand around my throat and lifted me up so that my feet were dangling and flapping around. I tried to scream but the tightness that was growing around my neck caught my voice. My hands instantly flipped up, first around his hands then to his face. Clawing his skin to try and get him to release me did nothing bar made his grin wider.

You could see his lust for death in his glowing eyes as the pressure began to feel like barbed wire cutting in. I was swarmed with stars in my head and just before I was about to let him win Grey moved and gently placed his hand over my captures hand. He let go and I crumbled to the floor gasping for breath that only left me with more pain .

He walked out the room without another word and Grey moved to my side offering me his hand. I looked up at his through tearing my with one hand still on my throat. "What does he want from me?" I whispered with a husky voice.

Grey ignored me but pulled me to my feet. "Come with me" was all he said as he wrapped his arm around my waist to support my weight. We walked through more hallways again with nothing but old wallpaper lining them until we got to a door. He let go of me and pulled a chain of keys out of his pocket.

There were so many of them I couldn't believe that he picked the correct one first and quickly opened the door and hurried me inside, locking it behind us.

"This might help you understand" He said while moving to the middle of the room.

My eyes instantly shot to the walls. It was quiet a big room but every possible part of the wall was covered in portraits. It was like looking at the history or painting all the way through to photography, some were clearly very old and not in the best of conditions but there were so many that it was hard to focus on just one.

"Why did you bring me here, what does this have to do with anything?" I spoke louder now, getting annoyed again. Grey looked straight into my eyes and moved me to one single painting. "This is the masters family, not the one he has created here but his human life. He lost them all".

"How the hell does that give him the right to kidnap woman and make them his what, make shift family? What kind of family could this even be?" I walked around in a dizzy haze trying to take in all of the images but it just made me angrier "He takes me away from my family just to fulfil his need to re-gain his?".

Grey tried to shush me but I couldn't contain it 'who the hell did he think he was' was all that kept running through my mind 'how selfish can someone be? Oh the poor old vampire just wants his family'. "Its bullshit".

Grey pushed me to the door and all but forced me back out of the room. "You are not ready" was all he said before he nodded to the giggler who had appeared beside me. I went to turn back to him to give him more of my mind but he had vanished. I turned back with a look of fury on my face.

"I am to show you around, where you can and where you cannot go. Follow".


We were done with the tour and my stomach was finally over the shock and began to grumble. “So is it just blood or do you actually have some human food around here too?” 

She giggled, again “The last place I was going to show you, the kitchen is through here then the day dining room is off to the right through there”.

I walked through and was told by a bustling man leaning over the cooker that food was already laid. I continued through to the right and stopped in my tracks as I saw two new men who sat at the end of the table with two glasses filled with red liquid.

They were statue like with their pure white skin that almost looked translucent, like glass. One was very fair haired, almost white and the other was the complete opposite with hair as black as night.

They looked straight at me and I instinctively moved my hand to my throat to which they responded with a small chuckle and continued in their conversation. I averted my eyes with caution and sat at the other end where pancakes were already awaiting me, engulphing my nose with gorgeous smells of syrup. I tucked in quickly and with the first bite realised my throat was still rather sore.

“Ah, is there um.. anything to.. drink?” I asked hesitantly.

The men looked at each other, chuckling again and the blonde one responded “You offering sweetheart?” chuckling further at his own dumb, obvious joke they ignored me and continued in their conversation. The hustle bustle cook however moved a glass of clear liquid into my eye line and smiled a warm, rosy cheeked grin “Holy water” he chuckled directing it at the other jokers.

He had a rich accent and looking up he had a kind face, he had olive skin that were filled with wrinkles that you could tell were from laughing and smiling so much,  the nice kind, not the kind that your great grandma has when you’re little that you’re scared to kiss her goodbye.

Clearing making just as a ridiculous joke but easing my humiliation I turned to him “Thank you” I smiled back genuinely for the first time since I’ve been here. “I’m Lacey” I stated as I put my hand out for him.

“Well it’s very nice to meet you Lacey, I am Francis. It is nice to have another human in this place for more than just dinner”. He winked before he turned to continue in the kitchen.

I laughed at his joke, or at least I hoped it was a joke. I reached for the glass but due to my clumsy self, knocked over the glass and it smashed all over the marble floor. “Dammit” I said to myself as I bent down to pick the remaining glass up but typically the last thing you want to do in a room with vampires in obviously happens to me. “Ouch” Blood started trickling slowly down my fingertips.

Another smash averted my attention and I could see red blood now covering the marble floor. I look up to the dark haired guy who is slowly moving towards me with red eyes and sharp fangs emerging from his wet lips.

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