My Love

Amber is an out going, fun spirited, bubbly girl . But when her dad goes away for a week for a meeting and she gets kidnapped by the one and only Jason McCann what will she do?


1. Chapter 1

{ Amber's Pov }

I woke up at 7:00 in the morning to get ready for school. I got out of bed made it back up and got in the shower. I got out the shower wrapped a towel around me the went to my closet then I decided to wear black tights , a Chicago Bulls sweater , and black boots . After getting dressed I went downstairs to the kitchen to get something to eat and left my house to my car . I got in my car and drove to my boring school. When I parked my car and got out . I walked through the doors of Las Vegas High School then I went to my locker did my combination and put my things in it . I then see my three best friends since elementary school. They walked up to me with smiles on their face .

" what " I said

" nothing " Daniella said

" seriously what's with the smiling so bright " I said

" can't we be happy" Cassandra said

" yes but you three look suspicious" I said looking at the three of them.

" we haven't seen you in six months" Briella said

" stop being a drama queen " I said to Briella .Then Briella came up to me and punched me in my left boob and let me tell you it hurt like hell . I scrunched my face when she punched me . After she hit me she stepped back and smiled at me .

" that's what you get for calling me a drama queen" Briella said

" I was just playing around with you and owwwww that hurt I think I have breast cancer " I said rubbing my boob to get the throbbing to go away .

" now look at who's being a drama queen" Briella said

" shut the hell up " I said glaring at her.

The bell rang signaling its time to go to your first class. I grabbed my stuff for my fist class and left with Cassandra behind me. We got to class and sat in our seats. A few minutes later a teenage boy around my age came in the class with Mr. Turner behind him.

" class this is Jason McCann he's new to this city so don't make him feel uncomfortable... Jason you can sit next to Amber, Amber raise your hand" Mr. Turner said and I raised my hand.

Are you fucking serious why me .Why does god hate me . When Jason did sit down next to me he turned his head and stared at me .

" why are you staring at me " I said

" because you're the one " Jason said

" the one for what " I said

After that he didn't say anything he just sat there and ignored me and payed attention to the front of the class. Then an hour later the bell rang saying its time for your next class and hurry up and get there .

Cassandra and me got our stuff and headed to gym class and on our way there we met up with our friends .

" that new kid in my first class was staring at then he said I'm the one " I said to them

" you better watch your back " my friend Briella said

" I know huh " I said

" what's his name? " Daniella said

" Jason McCann " I said

All of us went our separate ways except me and Cassandra. We got to the locker room got changed in black basketball shorts and a red tank top . I had all black vans on and Cassandra had red vans on.

We then went outside to where the rest of the class is. We sat on the floor and started to stretch when Mrs. Jones blew her damn whistle causing me and Cassie to look at her .

" ugh look what the wind blew in " Cassie said looking at the new kid Jason who was walking to the teacher.

" are you serious not him again " I said groaning

" he probably has all your classes" Cassie said

" I hope not " I said praying to god he didn't

" haha " Cassie said smiling

" don't laugh its not funny " I said hitting her arm

" girls and boys I want you to meet Jason McCann" Mrs Jones said " for now you can sit on the bleachers " she continued

He walked and sat on the bleachers all the way at the top. While stretching I could feel his eyes on me burning a hole in my back and it

made me uncomfortable. I guess Cassie saw my expression and snapped her fingers in my face.

" you okay ? " Cassie asked

" I can feel him staring at the back of my head " I said as Cassie and I turned our heads to see Jason looking at us. Our eyes went wide and we turned our heads back around as fast as we could.

" fuck that I'm out " Cassie said standing up

" I'm rite with you " I said getting up and walking behind he and went to Mrs Jones

" can we leave " Cassie asked

" no " Mrs Jones said

" please the new kid keeps staring at us " I said

" I said no now if you want to run laps I suggest you go sit back down " Mrs Jones said

" well looks like we have to deal with it till lunch " Cassie said

" aaahhh!!!! I don't want to " I said yelling out

" you have no choice" Cassie said

" fine whatever" I said and I gave Cassie a huge bear hug and pulled away

" your boobs hurt they're too big " Cassie said

" no yours are bigger than mine " I said

" what size are you ? " Cassie asked

" 38D " I said

" yup you're bigger than me I'm a 48C " Cassie said

" well what can I say I got it from my momma" I said laughing

" you're lucky you're an only child" Cassie said

" you gotta love me " I said

" I do love you " Cassie hugging me

" who doesn't " I said hugging her back

After a few more minutes later of talking the bell rang and Cassie and I went to the locker room changed back to our regular clothes and grabbed our stuff then headed to the cafeteria. When we got there we found Briella and Daniella sitting at our usual table and we sat down . Once we sat down all of bus started to talk.

" hey babe you alright" Daniella said to me

" yes she's alright the new kid Jason McCann was staring at us in gym " Cassie said

" ewwww " Briella said

" wow you guys know he's a criminal" Daniella said

" yes we know " I said

" well sorry I didn't think you guys knew " Daniella said

" its okay" I said

As the day went on school was over and done with. I walked to my car and got in then started to drive home. When I got home I got out my cat and inside to see my dad watching t.v.

" hey Amber how was school " my dad said

" good besides getting stared at by Jason McCann and in first period he told me I'm the one " I said almost out of breath

" JASON MCCANN" my dad yelled

" yep " I said

" I need you to stay away from him " my dad said

" I'm already ahead of you " I said

" alright I'm leaving for a few days" my dad said

" why I don't want you to " I said

" why " my dad said

" because my birthday is in three days and I want you to be there " I said

" I know but how about this when I get back we can do whatever you want "my dad said

" promise " I said

" pinky promise" my dad said kissing my head

" okay " I said giving my dad a huge hug

I went upstairs to room and set my stuff down and took off my shoes turned on some music then did my homework. A couple hours later I was just sitting in bed playing games on my phone . I got bored so I got out of bed took a shower. When I got out I put on black sweats that went under my knees, a black sweat shirt, and black moccasins then I took a nap. Minutes later I was woken up by my dad shaking me .

" well I'm leaving I'll see you in a few days I love you " my dad said

" love you too " I said giving him a kiss on the cheek

My dad then left my room . I sighed getting out of bed and going downstairs to the kitchen to make me a bowl of lucky charms . After eating I went back upstairs to my room and got in bed and went to sleep. While I was sleep I felt a pinch in my arm then I myself being lifted up and being carried to somewhere I don't know .

* An Hour Later *

I awoke on a chair my arms were tied to the arms of the chair and my legs yo the legs of the chair .

My head was hurting like hell and I groaned. I snapped my head up to see nothing but darkness but when the light came on . I looked up to see none other than Jason McCann and my eyes went wide and I couldn't believe it. He grabbed a chair and sat on it facing me. He smiled at me and started chuckling.

He get up and started pacing back and forth making me wonder what he's thinking about . He then again started laughing for no reason.

" why are you laughing and why am I here" I said

" you are here because you're bait so I can kill the people who killed my brother which includes your father" Jason said

" and how does that involve me " I said

" I'm gonna hold you as ransom " he said

" why " I said

" because I want money for you " he said

" how much money? " I asked

" 500 grand " he said

" my dad doesn't have that much money " I said

" well he better if he wants you back " Jason said

" you're a selfish stupid dumb asshole" I spat and he glared at me then walked up to me and slapped me across the face causing a little bit of blood to come out my mouth " bastard" I continued

" and you're a hoe now goodnight" he said turning and leaving me in the dark cold basement alone.

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