Do you really love me?

Do you really love me? Kaylee Barnes is in foster care. Anyway this book is about a girl named Kaylee Barnes who is trying to survive in a world against her, does she finally find a home and truly finds love or does she die trying to stay with someone who only says they love her. Keep reading to find out!!!


1. Chapter 1

  I just couln't figure out how to get Lucy, my roommate to stop crying. I've tried everything, but nothing seems to work. At first I thought it was becasue her foster parents sent her back to the West Woods Children Center. Foster parents never seem to want to keep us, especially if your 16 like me and Lucy, for too long, before they send us back to the center. She's been crying way too hard and too long for that so, I figured she broke up with her boyfriend, but she's reluctant to tell me anything.

"Just tell me whats wrong," I say for the billionth time.

"I...I.....I can't" she says and crys harder. I quickly look at the watch, I've already wasted an hour trying to get her to tell me what was wrong. "ok, I know, lets go to the store, I need to do some shopping anyways" 

"w..what for?" she asks me. 

"I'm making an apple pie for Jax, and I need to get some stuff," 

"oh, umm, I'm j...just going to take a shower and go to bed," 

"thats probably a good idea, if I was you, I'd get in now, before people start taking showers"

"yeah, okay" Lucy says and gets up to gather her clothes. 

"I'll see ya later, love ya" I say as I walk out the door I 

"love ya" I hear her call out behind me. 

I hurry out the door and race down the sidewalk determined to get to the bus stop before the bus left, it was just up ahead and the bus wasn't there yet. I made it to the bus stop just as it was pulling up. I hopped onto the bus. "Freemont Field" I tell the driver before sitting down in the third seat. 

Before school today, Jax had told me to make him an apple pie for when he got home for work, he worked at a mechanics shop and today was his 20 birthday, so I was making him his favorite dish, steak and potatoes, with an apple pie for desert. Some people would say he's too old for me, but really he was only 4 years older than me and I couldn't tell anyone, because he would go to jail. 'He probably land me in the hospital too.' I thought, but he only beat me when he was mad or if I did something he didn't approve of. 

"Freemont" The bus driver yelled and I stood up and gathered my things and was walking towards the door, not even noticing my surroundings. 

"any day now" the bus driver griped and I half ran down the steps. He slammed the door behind me and was driving off, when I'd finally looked around and realized that he'd dropped me off  at Freemont Park, not Freemont Field. "that idiot" I said under my breath to myself. I looked around and seen a gas station across the road, and set off towards it. 

I'd just started across the blacktop of the gas station parking lot, when a loud boom made my whole body go rigid. A lady screamed and a man pumping gas threw his arm over his head. The look on his face made me giggle, didn't he realize that it was probably firecrackers left over from 4th of July. Fireworks were illegal in Spokane, Washington, but people always set them off anyways, sometimes, people would set them off as late as October and it was August now. But then a second loud boom sounded, loud enough to make my chest vibrate, just a few seconds after the first and I was suddenly thinking gun and not fireworks. I realized I was standing in thhe middle of the parking lot, not a good place to be. I sprinted to the side of the building and flattened myself against the wall, not noticing the door, until a raggedy, bony man with a long mustache burst out, a gun in his hand. He jerked around and our eyes locked. My heart skipped a beat and my lefs turned to rubber. I dropped to a crouch and raised my hands in front of me. 

"Don't, Please....don't" I whimpered. A horrible second passed and he was right un front of me. He bent over me, so close I could smell the reek of his breath. 

"who are you" He breathed, making me wanna gag.

"Kaylee.....Kaylee Barnes" I whispered, he put a gloved hand over my mouth 

"A smart girl would keep her mouth shut, a stupid girl would yap, now which are you?" I tried to say a smart girl, but his hand was too tightly over my mouth. He stood up and ran over to the fence and jumped it, and I collapsed to the ground. 


Whithin minutes, the peircing wail of sirens filled the air, but I still couldn't get up. 

"Hey kid, hands up now." a gruff voice demanded, making me jump. 

"I thought he was going to shoot me," I yelled 


"the guy with the g...gun, he went that way" I said pointing towards the fence. 

"Get the k-9's out here," he yelled to someone, and then comes to sit by me. "you an put your hands down now" he told me. I slowly lower my hands and try to wipe the tears off my face, but they are shaking too bad to do very much help. 

"I'm Detective Trey Brannigan, What's your name?" he asks me. 

"Kaylee Barnes" I tell him, and he stands up.

"it's going to be okay" he tells me and offeres me his hand

"do you have a phone, can you call your parents?" 

"I have a phone, but I can't call them. 

"why not"

"That's a long story" I half giggle

"hmmm, well in that case, lets go find somewhere to talk" He says and leads me to his police cruiser. He opens the back door for me, but i'm too busy staring at the girl, covered in blood, coming out of the store being supported by an EMT.

"Is she going to be okay?" 

"yeah, she was just shot in the arm, she'll be okay though" he tells me

I hop in and he shuts the door and walks over to the other side and climbs in. 

"now, just start from the begining" 

"ummm, I lived with my parents, until I was 12, when they got killed in a car accident, and since I didn't have any living relatives, I was sent to the West Woods Children's Center, occasionally going to a willing foster family, but for the most part, I lived there for the past 3 years, thats about it" I say 

"why were you all the way out here?" He asks me, and I wonder how to answer him.

"I got onto the bus and was going to Freemont Field, but the bus driver took me here instead, so i got off, but didnt notice that i was at the wrong stop, i was going to the grocery store in freemont field to get stuff to make an apple pie, for some uh..friends because its their birthday today" I say careful not to mention Jax. 

"hmmm, well do you have your social workers number, she needs to come down here"  

"oh okay, yeah its uhhh......" I say while getting my phone out and going through my contacts. "ok, here it is" I hand him my phone, and he calls her. 

"hi, Ms. Blotts, this is Detective Brannigan here, I have one of your kids down here,, no she's not in trouble, can you come to the police station.....yeah thats the one........okay see you there" He says, and hands me my phone back. d

"she's coming down to the police station, okay, now tell me what happened after you got here." 

"okay, so after I realized I wasn't at my planned stop, I walked across the parking lot and heard two gun shots go off, so I ran to the side of the building and then this guy came out of the door...." 

"how good a look did you get," he interrupts me

"pretty good, I'm good with details,"

"ok, good, looks like your the only one who seen the guys face"

"what how, there are like a million people here" i contradict 

"yeah, well, apparantly he had a mask on, but he lady tore it off before he escaped through the back door." 

"oh, well anyways, he came over to me, and asked me my name"

"you told him your name" he asked anxiously 

"umm yeah" I said feeling like i did something wrong

"first and last"

"yeah" I whisper

"what happened next" he sighed 

"umm, he told me not to tell and then took off over the fence"

"alright, you just wait right here, I'll be right back" 

I take out my phone and text Jax, sorry, not going to be there, i witnessed a crime or something, i'll be back soon, love ya ttyl, I put my phone away, and Trey comes back with 2 others. 

"this is Officer Maria Sanchez" he said pointing towards a pretty girl with brown hair,"and this is Ray Mauks" he said pointing to the bigger guy with gray hair and brown eyes. Maria climbs in the driver seat, with Ray in the passenger and Trey slides in beside me. 

"are you hungry" Maria asks me

"sure" I say 

We drive off and a few miles down the road, we pull into a McDonalds. 

"what do ya want" Maria asks 

"ummm the number 2, please" 

We get our food and I slowly eat my burger and fries. 

"you ever been in a police car, Kaylee" Ray asks, probably to start a confersation, but the question puts me on edge. It was the one time I told on Jax for beating me, another mistake. 

"umm, yeah, once" I tell him reluctantly 

"yeah, how'd that happen" 

"another long story" I say and think about how mad Jax will be this time. We pull into the police station a few minutes later and I can see Ms. Blotts' car in the parking lot. We get out of the car and walk into the building, down and a bunch of hallways, untill we come to an office. 

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