Do you really love me?

Do you really love me? Kaylee Barnes is in foster care. Anyway this book is about a girl named Kaylee Barnes who is trying to survive in a world against her, does she finally find a home and truly finds love or does she die trying to stay with someone who only says they love her. Keep reading to find out!!!


2. A long night

I sit down on a faded, red chair just inside the door. I'm about to ask for some water when this guy strode into the room. He was squat and bald, except for a chin full of white whiskers and smelled like old tobacco and peppermint. He came right over and offered me his hand. "Captain Pete Ross," he announced in a booming voice. He glanced around the room. "Parents?" he asked. "Kaylee lives at West Woods Children's Center." Trey said "her case worker is on the way" Captain Ross grabbed a chair and sat down facing me knee to knee. "How're you feeling about now kiddo? A little nervous maybe?" 

"I'm okay" I said 

"Good, We're all a friendly bunch here, So tell me Kaylee, How did you end up at the children's center?" 

"my parents died in a car accident when i was 12, i don't have any relatives, that i know about anyways, so i was sent to different fostor homes, and then was sent to the center" 

the captains smile faded a bit. 

"hmm, what do you like to do?" he asked me

"I like to cook" I said and smiled a bit 

"Well, I like to eat, so we got food in common, right?" he chuckled. I rubbed my eyes, they felt like tiny fists were pounding on them from behind. But then Miss Blotts walks through the door. 

"hello, darling, how are you" Miss Blotts asks, her voice filled with concern, although I know its all an act, she's only talked to me probably 3 times during my stay at West Woods. 

"Hello, you must be Miss Blotts," Captain Ross said, before I could reply to her question. "I'm Captain Pete Ross,"

"Hello, and I still don't fully understand as to why Kaylee is here," 

"well, now your going to find out" He said and then made me rehash out every detail from when I left the center to when Trey Brannigan found me by the building. Sometimes he asked me for the same information with two different questions, and even though they was recording me, he kept stopping me, so he could jot things down on notepad. I couldn't see Miss Blotts, I figured she left already. Trey just stared at me the entire time, but he didn't say a word.  It was 9:30 by the time we finished. 

"alright, well that just about does it, tomorrow we'll bring in a sketch artist, while your minds fresh," Captain Ross said 

"Captain can I speak to you outside, please" Trey said and I had a feeling it was about me. Captaind Ross hesitated for a moment before nodding. "sure" he then turned to me and said "you're a real trooper you know that" I was starting to get tired of being treated like a little kid. They stepped out into the hall and I sat and waited for a few minutes before they came back in. 

"Can I go back to the center now?" I asked. They looked at each other for a few seconds before turning back to me. 

"sorry kiddo, but you're going to stay here tonight and we'll figure everything out in the morning, okay?" 

"okay" I sigh and rest my head against the wall and close my eyes. What feels like a few seconds later when Maria rolls in a small cott and a blanket for me to lay on. 

"I'm going to stay in here with you, okay, I'll turn out the lights, but I'll have to keep the lamp on so I can do some work."  she says as I climb under the blankets, I'm too tired to care anymore, so I just nod my head and lay down. I close my eyes but all I can seem to think about is Jax and wishing the driver had dropped me off at the right spot. Eventually I fall asleep and surprisingly with no dreams at all.

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