Do you really love me?

Do you really love me? Kaylee Barnes is in foster care. Anyway this book is about a girl named Kaylee Barnes who is trying to survive in a world against her, does she finally find a home and truly finds love or does she die trying to stay with someone who only says they love her. Keep reading to find out!!!


3. A long day

When I woke up, I was afraid to go to school, but later Trey came in and told me I didn't have to go.  I was a little relieved but also a little scared, what was Jax going to say or do? How was I going to explain this to him? What was going to happen to me? He said he would take me out to breakfast and we got into his own car. It was a black Pontiac GT with chrome wheels, and it reminded me of Jax's car. I had only driven Jax's car once and that was to the grocery store for a few minutes. Most of the time, whenever I went with him in the car, he didn't want me driving, it would ruin his reputation or something. We drove to this little diner in silence, I don't know what he was thinking, but I was thinking about what they were going to 'figure everything out ' for me as they put it. 

"So, I've got good news!" Trey told me. 

"What?" I ask hesitantly, this can't be good. 

"so, you're going to go live with my mom," I don't know if my mouth fell open, but it sure felt like it. 

"what!?" Trey nodded

"well, you're the one who told the suspect your name, and I wanna keep tabs on you until we catch this guy, but the budget won't allow me to put a full-time police officer on you at school and the center, and it would be pretty tough to keep track of ya around all those kids, anyways" Trey told me as we were pulling into the diner. 

"But what does your mom have to do with anything?" I ask while getting out of the car. 

"well, for one thing, she and I live in two apartments that are across from each other, so i'll be right there, plus," he added with a grin, "my mom loves two things in the world, kids and dogs. She'll take in strays if any kind, and she and dad used to take in foster kids, too" 

"how long would this be for?" I ask thinking of Jax. 

"wish I know, but atleast untill we catch the suspect" 

"oh, what about school"

"Miss Blotts went to pick up your homework and assignments, she'll bring them by this afternoon, and you can do it at mom's" 

"hmm, no school, I think it can work" 

"anything to get out of school" he said with a laugh. We go into the diner and sit at the bar and order, me eggs and bacon, but Trey ordered some hash browns. 

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