Gotta Be You ~ Liam Payne - Coming Soon


2. Chapter Two

Chapter Two

Rewriting - 11/9/2015

Liam's P.O.V
I can't believe that The X Factor is over and that we came third out of all the contestants, it was an amazing opportunity that if you can sing you should because if it is a dream it will get you far and it might also get you noticed. I'm looking forward to spending time with my friends and family, I haven't saw Andy or Lavender since I went to boot camp and that has been a long time. Don't get me wrong we have phoned and texted each other when we can but with the schedule I'm on and with them finishing college it's been mad.

I'm mostly excited to introduce my girlfriend Danielle, I know her and Lavender will hit it off and become the best of friends and on the plus side my mum and dad already love her to bits. We are currently sitting in our room in The X Factor house as we have to leave tomorrow, it will be a bit upsetting to leave this place but I know this is only the beginning of One Direction I can just feel it and it makes me happy to let people hear what kind of music we would like to make. In the band  we have growing quite close as a band but we have formed individual friendship like Louis and Harry are super close and so are Louis and Zayn and myself and Niall and on the plus side their hasn't been too many arguments within the band.

Third Person
Lavender and Andy almost had everything they needed and set up for the surprise party and Lavender wasn't too happy about it and didn't want to go to the stupid party now, but she knew she would have to make an appearance not just for herself but for Andy and Liam she couldn't let her boys down in their last meeting as the Three Musketeers. 

Lavender's P.O.V
Everything is set for Liam's surprise party and I decided I would stay for an hour and an hour it would be, I don't think I could really tell Liam on his big night that I wouldn't be there the days after that. I decided to write him a letter which would contain everything he would have to know and how sorry I am for not telling him sooner.
An hour and a half later I finished the letter and made sure that everything was ready for my move down to London and my dress was ready for tomorrow night.

Filler Chapter Only


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