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3. Chapter Three

Chapter Three

09/01/16 - Rewritten

Lavender's P.O.V

It's the day of Liam’s surprise party and to say that I don't want to go to it is the biggest understatement ever. I just want to be in my room getting the last few things ready for London, but I have to be here. Everyone is here and waiting for him to come through the doors and have that stupid slut by his side, anyway we're all hiding when we hear the door opening and my eyes widen with horror, while everyone is shouting "SURPRISE".

Liam's P.O.V

"SURPRISE” while I pull apart from Danielle and lower her to the ground, I turn around to see all my family and friends there. I look around shocked because I didn't know what else to do, that was until Louis came and patted me on the back reassuring me things would be alright. I looked straight in front and I saw Lavender looking like she just saw a ghost and by the look of it she had tears in her eyes.

Andy's P.O.V

What the hell was Liam thinking, why would he do that to Lavender better yet why would he do that when he knows his parents are home. I look over at Lavender and she's trying so hard to keep it together, I look back at Liam who is staring at me and I shake my head and look back at Lavender and she is no longer there. I start to go look for her but I'm stopped by Karen who told me to let her go and she will come back when she is ready, but I really doubt she will.

Lavender's P.O.V

When I got home I got changed and wrote a note for my parents saying that I got an earlier flight, and I would phone them when I got settled into my flat. On a scale to 1-100 on how upset I am it is like 99.9, I think it hurt more because I thought that he would do that with me and not her. I guess this isn't my happily ever after.

As I board the plane, I looked out across Wolverhampton wishing I didn't have to leave so soon. In reality I had to get as far away from here as possible in hope that one day Andy or my parent's come to find me to make sure I'm okay, that nothing bad is happening. I also wish Liam the best for his future and One Direction. Goodbye Liam...

Liam’s P.O.V

It's been a couple of hours since Lavender left the party and she hasn't returned and I'm really concerned about her. Why would she just leave like that and not come back? Why didn't Andy go after her? I thought they were my best friends yet ones to busy getting drunk and the other has gone. Some best friends they turned out to be.

I will check on Lavender  in the morning maybe she's not feeling every well and if that is the case then I take back the things I said. I just don't understand why Andy has distance himself from me, that's the weird thing.

The next day

As I get near Amber's house I just hope that if she is sick it isn't as bad as the last time she got sick and ended up in hospital because of it. I knock on the door Lavenders mum came to the door, she smiled and greeted me.

"So what brings you here Liam?"

"I'm actually here to see Lavender is she up in her room?"

"Liam I think your mistaking Lavender isn't here"

"What do you mean she's not here?"

"Liam she left for London last night, I thought she told you that she was leaving to go to the Performing Arts school in London, She told me she was telling you and Andy"

"Wait London! No she never told me I'm going to go and see if I can get a hold of  her thank you"

As I leave her house it clicked to why Andy was getting drunk cause he knew she wasn't coming back yet he let me think she would come back and she never. I decided it was time to go and confront my so called best friend about this. I walked into his house and greeted his mum and dad and went straight up to his room and slammed opened his door startling him. 


"She wanted to tell you at the right time"

"Don't be so stupid Liam she doesn't leave for London for another two weeks"

"SHE'S NOT HERE Andy she left and she's never coming back"

"Why would she leave now when she said she wanted to spend time with you - oh", as if he just remembered something


"Nothing it was something lavender told me and I promised not to tell anyone"


What am I going to do now Lavender isn't here anymore and I doubt she will phone me anytime as she has blocked my number and I have no way of finding out where she stays. Please be ok Lavender.

Lavender's P.O.V

As I arrived at Heathrow airport I was emotionally exhausted and I still had to get a taxi to my flat. I still cannot believe I witnessed what had happened last night, why would Liam do that when he knows his parents would be home. It angers me, I hope I don't see him for a long time. He just needs to stay well clear of me and I hope Andy doesn't tell him where I'm going to be staying.

As I got to my flat and open the door I knew I had my work cut out here, but I didn't think it would of been refurnished for me and that everything was all here for me to use. I'm ever so grateful for whoever put all this together for me, my mind starts to wonder to how Liam and Andy have took the news. I decide to phone Andy.

"Hi Andy, it's Lavender"

"Lavender! Why didn't you tell me you were leaving earlier?"
"It wasn't planned I just couldn't stay there another two weeks watching them be all lovey dovey"

"I understand Lavender but you should of text me or something"

"I'm sorry Andy, but promise me you will come and visit me as soon as you can"

"I promise Lavender, I've gotta go Liam and boys are coming over"

"Oh have fun bye"

"Bye Lavender"

As I hung I collapsed onto my bed and wondered how my life became so complicated and how my life is about to become 100 times better than it already is. 




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