Gotta Be You ~ Liam Payne - Coming Soon


1. Chapter One


Chapter One

Rewriting - 08, 09, 15

Lavenders' P.O.V

Looking around at the pictures in my bedroom it makes me wonder if my life would be different, if Liam hadn't gone on The X Factor. Don't get me wrong I'm so proud of him but I haven't seen him since he went to boot camp 20 weeks ago. We do keep in touch whenever we can, it's not like he has forgotten us.

I moved to Wolverhampton when I was ten and I instantly became friends with two boys, they go by the names of Andy Samuels and Liam Payne. You can say we were like the three musketeers in a sense, we did everything together. By the time we turned fourteen Liam auditioned for The X Factor and got through to the judges houses but sadly got sent home, he was gutted to say the least. We told him to keep his spirits up and he would get his dream someday, that day came two years later in 2010 he auditioned and didn't get through as a solo artist but he got put into a group with four other guys. Who go by the names of Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik, they called the group One Direction and this brings us to where we are now in life.  

"Andy, Liam is coming home next week and we promised that we would throw him a surprise party so get off your lazy ass and move now", I yelled at one of my best friends

"Would you calm your tits woman! He doesn't come back till next week, which means we have a week to do it", Andy said.

I pulled Andy up and slapped the side of his and pulled him out the house and started walking to Karen and Geoff's house. As we got to their house we knocked on the door and Karen came to the door.

"Lavender and Andy? What are you two doing here, Liam doesn't come back to next week I thought Liam told you both that", Karen said

"That's what we came here to talk to you about Karen, we thought it would be a good idea if we throw a surprise party for Liam coming back home", Andy said

"That's every clever and sweet of you both to do, but I must warning you that it's not just Liam coming home here it's also the boy's and Danielle", Karen said quickly

Just hearing Danielle's name made me want to exploded and I don't know why, I can't dislike or hate the girl as I don't know her but I plan on getting to know her quite well to find out how much she is a bitch. I know I'm being harsh when saying that and I know I shouldn't judge a book by its cover but she looks like one hell of a slut and I'm not afraid to tell anyone that expect Liam of course couldn't tell him that.

"I figured he would bring the boys so everyone could meet them, but I thought he told me on the phone last week that Danielle couldn't make it as she had other commitments with her work", I said matter-of-factly.

"She did have other commitments and manage to get them change to two weeks from now she's a lovely girl and you will love her dearly, I don't think I would pair anyone else with Liam other than Danielle they are a match made in heaven", Karen said

"Well we wanted to let you know that we were having a surprise party for him and we have to go and start planning it goodbye Karen", I said rather quickly and pulled Andy with me.

Once I got round the corner I started to panic what if Liam didn't want me as a best friend now? What if Danielle distances him from me and Andy? What if he doesn't like me anymore?

All these thoughts are going around me head I need time to process them and come to terms with the fact I won't be Liam special girl anymore.

"Um Andy I will talk you to you later I need to go and do things Goodbye".

Before he could respond I took off for the only place I knew I would feel safe the Waterfall, as I got to the waterfall I sat down and just thought about what's going to happen when Liam comes back next week, and how that is going to affect me not being the only female in his life apart from his sisters and his mum.

Before I realised I was crying and I couldn't control it, here I was a seventeen year old girl crying over her best friend replacing her with someone else. That in its mind is downright pathetic and stupid and it needs to stop, there is no need for me to sit here alone over something stupid.

As time went on it became nightfall and I knew I had to be getting home soon as my parents would be texting and calling every five minutes. By the time I got home it was really dark, I jumped into the shower and put my pj's on, just thinking about what was going to happen next week made want to cry even more and I was all cried out I couldn't cry anymore I wouldn't let her bring me down or better yet I wouldn't let myself get attached to Liam again.

A few days have went by and we have everything ready for Liam's surprise party, I told Andy that I would only be staying for few hours as I would have to get home to pack the rest of my things for me going to university, I know Liam won't be too happy that I'm not staying in Wolverhampton as he comes back but I'm not giving up my dream to stay here and not go and do what I want Performing Arts in London.

Andy was a bit shocked and hurt that I'm going to leave him but I can't spend my whole life in someone else lime light, I wasn't raised that way from my parents and I'm certainly not away to start doing it now. I always thought the three of us would move to London together and share a flat together, but things have changed over the years and I know in due course they will move down to London and that will be a very exciting day but I can't wait for them to decide they want to leave for their jobs.

Back to planning the party Liam comes back tomorrow and I'm looking forward to seeing him but I don't think I will actually get to have an actual conversation with him, as he will probably be with Danielle or the boys which I don't mind about I just hope I get to know the boys before I leave, sure I watched The X Factor and my favourite was Niall because he just looked like a cute wee boy who wanted to 'be the biggest artist there is' and it made my heart burst with love.

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