The tape recorder - 1D

Nobody really want to die, that is the biggest load of bullshit ever. It is if you ask the one person who biggest wish was to die. Vanessa Davies. A girl who had been through fire and water until she broke. A girl who made sure to share her life with a tape recorder, before she took her own life. Who is gonna be the person to hear about Vanessas wonderful life? No other than Liam Payne.

My inspiration is from a book called: "Death girls dont lie"

OBS!! hosrorien er en jeg allerede har haft publiceret med FrejaBlop, men jeg har valgt at lave lidt om på den og oversætte den til engelsk (Undskyld hvis mit engelske fucker lidt!) :)

- Den bliver også publiceret på Wattpad under samme


2. The first tape

I was looking out of the window in my new house. A grey layer of sleet was laying over the front yard, looking like a typical november day. The threes who only had a few leaves, was dripping with raindrops, and you could se how the sun was no longer to be seen despite the early evening. It was a kin of sad weather, but still it gave me a feeling that Christmas was just around the corner.

I was really looking forward to December. I just loved how things were at Christmas. Everything was so  peacefully and the atmosphere were just better. I loved how people seem to relax, but still you say that Christmas is the most stressful time of the year.

I turned away for the window and looked around the room, I was finally done whit the living room, and the kitchen, so I smiled relieved. It was actually turned out pretty well, my living room was looking just like I wanted it, and the kitchen were just fine. 

It could be better if I could get some new door handles and curtains. But it wasn't something that were necessary. 

I would just sleep on the couch the first days, till i get my bed, I should be here in two days, so it wasn't that bad, and my couch were not that hard to sleep on, it was actually pretty soft.

When I turned around and walked out into the kitchen, I walked over to fridge to set it in an outlet, but the cable wasn't long enough, so I decided to move it a little to the right. When I moved the fridge and moved away to se if it was standing right, I suddenly discovered a door right beside the fridge, it was the same color as the wall, and it hasn't a dorr knob so it wasn't that visible, I walked over there and tried to opted it, but it was hard, it felt like it hadn't been opened in a very long time. 

"Strange" I whispered, the realtor hadn't showed me this? Maybe he didn't even know it was there? 

I gave the door a hard push, and it looked like it helped a little, so I did it a few more times, to the door finally opened. A smell of old dust and smoke was filling my nostrils. The room was dark, and there wasn't an outlet, so I just turned on my flashlight on my phone.

Some of the room was now visible, and I could see stairs. I considered to not go down there, but I was to curios, so I ended up stepping d a few steps in, and when I looked at the wall, I discovered a few pictures hanging on it, most of them of a woman in the mid thirties, she had long brown curled hair, and she was smiling to the camera. 

I stepped further down the stairs, and was still looking at the wall were serval quotes were hanging, some of them were covered in dust, so i could not see what they said. Another one was saying "Dont trust anyone" And serval of them had word like "Death" and "Suicide" it gave me a very bad feeling.

The few pictures there was having a few steps more down were all depressive. It was all pictures of sad things like eyes filled whit tears and arms covered in blod. I was seriously going to take them down, they gave me goosebumps.

I took the last steps down, and when i looked around i could se the room was filled with paintings, pictures, and bookcases. Something gave me the feeling that the person who lived here were very poetic and a little insane. Maybe the person was a serial killer? Okay maybe not, I sure the realtor would have told me that! Because seriously who is going to move into a house were a serial killer just moved ut? exactly!

I walked over to a red couch, witch were standing in the middle of the room, i book was laying on top of it, I took it up, and took away the layer of dust it had on it. It was clearly more than 2 years since someone had used some of the stuff down here.

I sat down on the couch, and turned to the first page in the book . a piece of paper fell out. There was nothing on the paper, but when I looked at the page in the book, I could see 3 words, the paper were hiding. Sorry not sorry.I turned over to next page, but there wasn't anything, the book was completely blank.

I signed and got up, I was going to remove all the creepy stuff, and then make it a lot nicer down here. Maybe painting the walls white so the bright color would light the room up a little. 

I walked around the room, when I finally found an outlet, witch I turned on. 

The room was immediately filled whit lights, just enough so i could see. I could finally look around whiteout my phone, so I took it away. 

In the other end of the room was a piano placed. I smiled and walked over to it. A painthing was hanging over it whit a piece af paper in the corner of it. Stop it the text said. I sad down on the chair by the piano. I played a few tones at the piano, the dust was making the sound bad, but it was still in perfect condition, I was going to keep it.

On the top of the piano I could se a tape. I took it and got up. Maybe I should go up and pack the rest out.Then maybe I could relax all the day tomorrow.

I turned around when I suddenly bumbled in to something. I heard a lot of stof felling to the flor. "Oh god" I mumbled and looked down. A box was laying on the flor whit all of the stof inside laying around the flor. 

I sat down and checked what it was. A tape recorder.. I took the tape in my hand and looked from it to the tape recorder. Could it possible be..

Maybe this was the killer, who explained his plan to murder his family. 

I put the tape on, first a crashing sound was filling my ears but soon beautiful music was suddenly playing. It was recorded from the piano, I smiled the person who recorded this, was amazing! Better not be the killer then!

When the tape stopped, I looked around. More tapes were laying around the floor whit different numbers on it. 

I discovered a piece of paper, witch was hanging on the recorder. I took it and fold it out. "Just put the tapes on, its free" I mumbled confused. 

I found the tape whit the number 1 on, and put it on whit shaking hands. 

The crashing sound were back, and soon a beautiful girl voice were filling the room.

Hello. Yeah, this is me Vanessa! You don't exactly know me, I'm not a person many people pay attention to, but whatever.. Listen if you want to, and if not.. Then don't. There is just one thing you need to know, you are going to regret it if you don't, because then your going to miss an amazing story aka my life.

When you hear this tape, no matter who you are, you have to know, that I'm dead. Don't freak out, I'm not a ghost just take it easy. Right now the 30. November 2011, I am alive. But just for a short while.

I might sound like a psychopath who needs thousands of meetings with a psychology, I know, but if you listen to these tapes in the box, you might found out, that that is not the case. I will on these tapes explain why I choose to commit suicide.

You know how it is to have a bad day? Of course you do, then try to imagine, that my life was like that every day. So of course I needed to do something, everybody would have done that, if they were me! Even you..

Maybe you think: What the hell is she talking about, dead is never the only way, but your wrong! See I already know you better than yourself!

I'm actually really good to se how people really is, somebody would think, that's a good thing, but not me, I thinks it's a curse.

Sometime you really don't want to hear the truth, do you know that? That is actually one of the reasons why I don't want to live anymore, but you will hear more about that, if you choose to listen to the 24 tapes.

Okay I am going to end this tape now, but remember you may not hear the next until tomorrow! It's like an advent calendar! So you can hear tape number 1 the first December! Witch is tomorrow wuhuu!

I was sitting speechless when the crashing started again. What the hell was that? A girl who committed suicide and im sitting in the cellar were she recorded the tapes? It couldn't be real, maybe someone was playing a really good joke? 

Why on earth had the realtor not showed me this. Did he know it was there?

probably not..

I looked at the other tapes, maybe I should just throw them out. Or should I hear the rest first? I was really confused, maybe I should just go to sleep and think of it tomorrow. Like the girl said. "you may not hear the next until tomorrow! It's like an advent calendar!"

strange that the first og December was to tomorrow, how is the chance that I found the tapes the exact same date it was recorded 5 years ago.

I took a deep breath and looked at the recorder. I started the tape again and the crashing sound appeared, I Needed to hear it one more time. 

Hello. Yeah, this is me Vanessa! You don't exactly..


Hii agian too this is the first chapter! Let me know what you think. (: 

I am going to publish at least two times every week, maybe more. <3 

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